New intensity use

I wont sugarcoat it intensity is the most useless stat in the game. Currently only increasing dot damage and status effects, it is the least sought after stat.
However a possible use for it could be M1 DAMAGE. Lets say that every 10 intensity could be worth 4 damage of an m1 on a melee weapon, this could scale to the weapons multiplier and would be 2 more every 10 on ranged weapons. This would create a new class and wouldn’t be overpowered, the amount of damage per intensity is this: 0.4 damage per intensity increase on melee weapon m1s and 0.2 damage increase per intensity on ranged weapon m1s. I feel as if this could possibly really help intensity and create a use for all classes, not just DOT ones.

Mage builds getting absolutely nothing:

No one uses M1s in pvp unless you are doing it for comedic effect or there is a huge skill gap between you and your opponent (or your name is QueeferOfOats idk)

Or berserker?

Cfist users maybe

This intensity idea is too niche and doesn’t benefit any meaningful part of gameplay

Just invest into power

How about intensity upgrading the duration of everything, not only dot damage and status effects. Thermo heat bar? Sailor? Buff-type spells/abilities? Im going 225 intensity plasma/thermo first buil and in theory it would be a W due to long-double dot dmg. Yet It feels like the duration given from intensity is too small. Barely noticeable.

if you mean by the hazards dmg then fun fact, it doesnt.