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ban horny
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this is very important as you see
all votes=signs to my petition

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you cannot get rid of us

yes i can

i will use any means necessary

none of them will work

two words:
doom style

You cannot stop what you cannot reach :sleeper:

yeah but
ranged weapons ez

I’ll be horny in the afterlife, ez

i will go down to hell to rip you part for all eternity if you do

you cannot stop the horny
you either become it or die

i will become a zombie just to beat the shit out of the horny

ur gunna come to hell with me?

c o m e

i will be sent to hell for ripping you to shreds

only to rip people apart again

I’m going to hell far before you good sir, you cannot rip me apart if Im already in hell :sleeper:

i will blow a hole into mars bitch

Inglesh Plez

pls teach me how to do that

no i will not

help my sausage from the fish and chip shop tastes like grass