New Pokémon Games Opinions?

obviously potential spoilers for anyone wishing to go in completely blind, but for those of you who don’t mind i’d like to ask your opinions on the upcoming Pokémon games

some of my favourite pokemans have been shown to be in the games so yipee

but otherwise i just hope its still engaging enough to actually play, unlike arceus
i got bored of arceus so i didnt finish it

Jokes aside I’m pretty excited for the open world aspects of the game. This is something Pokemon was probably made for. Co-op I’m sure would also be fun but I got no friends, so shit out of luck there. I do think the legendaries are unironically a bit goofy looking.

The fact that there will be 3 stories we can do seems like a step in the right direction. Prior pokemon games have been pretty much hand holding straight forward stories. Taking on different stories and perspectives in this world would be nice. I’m sure a good number of fans are even just dying for a pokemon game where we play as an antagonistic force. While I do not think we will get that, at all (ever), in scarlet/violet it’s still nice that we aren’t just going down another same exact story beat by beat in the exact order intended as some saviors of the universe.

Overall pretty hyped for the game. The tera mechanic seems kinda lackluster and as a competitive-focused player I am not keen on the idea of any pokemon just being able to swap their types at will. Some pokemon will be very broken with that kind of mechanic.

Last thing I’d want to mention that I really briefly mentioned before, the legends. On top of just not liking their design I do not really like their role in the game. From what it seems it appears that we will get them very early on as a means of transportation. Do not like this one bit. If we have access to these legendary pokemon from the start of the game then what’d be the point in using anything other than them? Just spam them around. I’m sure they’ll be limited in some way but still they are legends that we appear to be getting before we encounter our first pokemon battle. It’d be pretty funny though if they weren’t actually legendaries.

This game also has Lechonk so really it’s the best pokemon game


They are cool, but it’s kinda weird to see that they swapped out the classic convertable bikes for legendaries

Card games on motorcyles but its pokemon, perfection

Just like Legends Arceus it is a step in the right direction, but I just don’t think it’s there yet. Hopefully, they refine the open world aspect in future gens but this one just ain’t it. Also the special mechanic in this region is awful

Seems like an interesting step, and also a good step in the direction for Pokemon games. I like the open-world aspects, and it really makes the game feel more alive. Taking the gyms in any order also feels more natural, and having two more storylines to follow other than just doing the gyms will be exciting, except I have my own take on that in a second.

The world of Pokemon is vast where you encounter Pokemon in the wild unexpectedly in the tall grass. I’m sure all of us have wanted the feeling of walking up to a Pokemon that’s physically there, or interacting with it with our own Pokemon in real time, rather than through turn based battles. Although the more RPG-like Pokemon battles may be for a future Legends game, I hope that the open-world aspect will continue to grow for the future of the games.

A little rant on the 3 storylines. I don’t think it makes complete sense? In every Pokemon game we’ve always been tasked with going through the region and doing certain things:

  • Complete the gyms and battle the Elite Four and defeat the Champion to claim the title
  • Defeat the main villain team that the story provides
  • Catch the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon that the region has to offer (Usually tied with defeating the villain team)

That adds up to the completion of the story, and is 3 relatively separate things. So I’m wondering what exactly do they mean about the three total storylines. Especially with various new changes like:

  • We’re now attending a Pokemon academy? Treasure Hunt? Perhaps this is one of the storylines? Completing the life of a student? Really living the life of Ash in the Sun and Moon anime.
  • No reveal of the main antagonistic force just yet. Major things were revealed in the direct, but many story things were kept hidden.

Looking into the new gimmick they’ve introduced this time: Terastallize
I think this is straight up stupid, and in my opinion seems like the one big step backwards with the game. Mega Evolutions was peak and amazing. It introduced new typing, abilities, stats, and badass appearances for certain Pokemon, only at the cost of losing a held item. Essentially a whole new Pokemon to deal with, and each mega was always a fighting force that would be the core, or main threat of a team.

Terastallize changes your Pokemon’s type to it’s given Tera Type. Which from my understanding, can be ANY type. It’s just pure chance to what the Tera Type will end up, which will most likely be predicted through IVs or another hidden stat.
Here’s my current issues:

  • Getting your Tera Type seems to be too RNG reliant, unless there’s mechanics like the nature candies or whatever they were to alter the Pokemon’s nature. So far, co-op raid battles are the only way to acquired some rare Tera Types on Pokemon. Which would either amount of hours of grinding, if obtaining these types can’t be manipulated, or if you can’t alter a Tera Type through an endgame NPC.
  • In a competitive view, Terastallize is ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING. Shedinja with an electric Tera Type, with air balloon. Literally unkillable. Other Tera Types could capitalize on a Pokemon’s movepool, or have a Pokemon with amazing stats to be given a very offensive or defensive typing. Imagine some psuedo-legendaries with fairy. I do like the amount of variety that Terastallize brings to the table, but it puts out so many options that will bring competitive play to an even wilder state.
  • Terastallize makes Pokemon look GOOFY AS HELL. Just look at the ornaments on their head man. I hope there’s other accessories that Pokemon can get.

To keep the end segment short, co-op is really good. That’s an overall W. New pokemon? Designs looking pretty nice and promising. Although I’m skeptical about the starter final evolutions.
Fuecoco supremacy.

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for some reason the characters in it look kinda weird to me, maybe it’s the eyes? they seem oddly detailed compared to the rest of the face, but remain strangely motionless

ice gym leader seems cool tho

wth is this new crystal gimmick tho, why do they just get a huge-ass hat, also how’s it gonna look in the anime?

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new wooper best game 10/10 game of the year

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weed cat and terrifying faces

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Contains an unusual amount of LECHONK

i haven’t seen any of the new game leaks but it’s probably good

now I didnt even know anything about pokemon’s new gen except lechonk

I don’t know much about the new pokemon games but I was thinking of buying Legends of Arceus as my first officially owned pokemon game. I heard it was good.

POOPER :poop::poop::poop::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I luv pooper

wdym “first officially owned” game, you pirate or sumn?

No I don’t pirate but I’ve borrowed them from the library because we’re broke :skull:


I wanna bite him


Looks like ur pfp as a Pokémon

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