New Rule Suggestion about game discussion

With the emergence of people like @Mr.Steve, who constantly post in #game-discussion but add nothing constructive in any way, I suggest a new rule. You have to be constructive at least some of the time. This would obviously be reworded by someone smarter than me to be less vague and more enforceable. This would not apply to #off-topic. This would disincentivize people like Mr. Steve who only brag about their PVP skills and spam ablest insults and “cursed” memes.

To clarify, this would not affect shitpost replies by otherwise constructive users. Only users who solely spam.


yes please listen to this guy i beg

Feels subjective as to who that would apply to
How much memeing and shitposting do you have to do to no longer be considered “constructive”? If you’re a constructive user at one point and completely change, becoming someone who only shitposts, are you given a pass because you used to be constructive?

We’ve got plenty of popular people who do nothing but shitpost - the difference is when wax shitposts it’s usually funny.

For the issue you’re probably trying to address (people who respond “skill issue 1v1 me” to everything) - if the situation got bad enough that it needed moderation action, that probably means there’s been some mixture of harassment, spam or intentionally causing drama, and it should be handled with those rules.
Creating a new rule every time you run into a new situation is how you end up with a 50 tall giant rules matrix that nobody on the forum has actually read (except meta).

also plz don’t name and ping people you don’t like - it results in drama which is sad times

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at the point where (multiple) people start getting annoyed i guess lol

h-hey! I did this when I was tallying Lemon and Geko and Fishe for suspension! grrr

wow… m-macobre is such a hard worker :heart_eyes:

ok babysitter

jesus christ power

n-no I’mnnot. I just h-had to make sure mean people weren’t on the forums!

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oh god its happening again

Don’t like the way you’re talking very much

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b-but that’s what makes u so :sparkles: admirable :sparkles:

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a-anyone could do it, r-really . . .

omg… u r being too h-humble… a queen like :sparkles: you :sparkles: should give herself a little more credit



r-really, it’s the f-forums that are :star2: great! :star2: I’m just glad I don’t have to do that t-to often

Fucking slut, wait til Christina hears about this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

bro. LISTEN it’s not what it looks like

As in, non-contribution to the conversation. If it’s about the game, the user who responds is not even talking about the topic - that means you’re non-constructive.

Those are just my views, though.