New stat ideas I have

Just gonna leave this here for later so I can make ideas for this

What this is

This is just gonna be a topic I edit to add ideas for stats I think up. I’m going to explain how I’ll refer to stats in this so it makes more sense what I mean by “Tertiary” for Insanity, Warding and Drawback.

Stat Categories so I can refer to them

Main/Primary Stats

Most people refer to Power and Defense as Main stats or Primary stats because they usually end up having more of an Impact on armor builds, since they affect much more important aspects like the user’s HP and the user’s damage output. No matter the build, there is ALWAYS these two stats in some form. This one will not really have any ideas like it, since there’s probably nothing you can adjust to affect the player in a similar way.

Secondary Stats

This is where most other stats end up, mainly being:

  • Attack Speed
  • Attack Size
  • Agility
  • Intensity
    These ones Don’t affect parts necessarily as much as Power and Defense do, but they can still become focuses of a build when used in large quantities. They can be useful when used, but they will usually not be needed to make a build (Example: you can live without intensity on anything). This one I might add Ideas to if I can think of something that can affect builds in a similar way, but I hard doubt it.

Tertiary Stats

This one is the stat type I’m mainly going to focus on. When I refer to tertiary, I mean Insanity, Warding and Drawback. These are stats that are more used to either add a negative to something that gives a lot of another stat (Insanity and drawback) or a way to nullify the negatives (warding), though it’s possible a lot of other stuff could fit here.

These stats usually don’t stack past single digits (Unless you are a psychopath running full painite and drawback armor, then its not able to reach TRIPLE digits or higher). They are not required in builds that much, and don’t usually affect the user in small amounts (sometimes completely unneeded in cases without another being run, like warding).

THESE are the types of new stats I want to make, since I feel like a lot of creative stats could be made in this category, and there could definitely be way more than three currently.

Tertiary Stat Ideas

Spiked / Thorned (I can’t decide on the name)

This stat would be more like an inverse drawback. Rather than dealing damage to you when you attack, any damage dealt to you will have a small percentage returned to the person who hit you (either 2-3% I can’t decide).

Stuff it could be on:

  • Viney Armor Set - Some sort of armor set covered in thorny vines that gives defense alongside it.
  • Thorned Enchant - Taken from the old enchantment ideas category, this could instead be an enchantment like Virtuous which gives 1.5 Attack size (using the way the gear builder is described) every 10 levels rounded down and 1 thing of spiked/thorned.

Will add other stuff later, thank you for reading my incoherent rambling about stats


there a reason this isnt in suggestions?

i don’t know if they accept stuff like this :person_shrugging:

we got a suggestion out of Suggestions again lads, get em mods!

not really, it’s not even fully fleshed out either it’s just an idea

you should see some of the stuff suggestions gets
this is pretty high quality compared to that
ex: Trident Claiming Flag Design

:frowning: hekk u

Always wanted some sort of lifesteal stat that reduced power and defense when equipping an item with it

hear me out, sacrifice imbued vampirism fstyle. whenever you punch it does heavy damage but you lose hp, hitting the attack makes you gain hp back

sir this is a wendy’s

nuh uh i walked into a burger king for a PURPOSE

this could be a jewel effect with Thornflowers

Thornflowers are harming which is attack destruction

I forgo, what about for teeth


there should be a crit chance stat that either doubles ur damage or makes you damage urself because i love gambling
this is a joke please don’t skin me alive

Anything that gives attack size

there should totally be a stat that decreases npc aggro range

they aren’t used for jewels yet tho

I still don’t think spiked should be a jewel effect because:

A. It’d have to work way differently since jewel percents are mostly random
B. Giving an effect to jewels that hurts the opponent on hit seems way too op with how easily you could stack it