New wood magic texture SUCKS

The new wood texture literally looks like smooth wet turds. Wood magic WAS my favorite but am now considering restarting the entire game with a different magic just because the new texture is so bad. Vetex please I beg of you revert it to the old texture why did you even change it, it was so good and now its so ugly.

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could be worse.

Sure, it could be worse, but the new one is still an insane downgrade from the last one. Dunno why he even bothered changing the texture at all. The old one was fine. This one sucks. I want my nice wood magic back. Not whatever this is.


I’m sorry for your loss.

:pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

Wood magic users are not eating…

Wood magic users have been done dirty with this texture update. Betrayed.

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wtf it looks so smooth now what happened to the old texture

That’s exactly what I’m saying, I’m doing what I can to get Vetex to somehow see that the new texture is gross and revert it but I don’t have high hopes.

Dunno, somehow it looks better… atleast for me


Ngl that looks better to me although more basic/bland, is there an image of the previous texture’s charge?

Was wood the only one changed?

Unsure if wood was the only one changed, but this is the old wood texture. It genuinely looks so much better than the new one.

The old one is more rough, it looks more natural. Plus the trees around the map still use this texture. The new one is smooth and shiny. It looks unnatural like it’s been processed somehow. I hope Vetex reverts the texture change…

i’ll be honest here they both look sht

itd be better if he change their shape into something blockier imo

does roblox have normal maps (because i dont recall seeing a single one)