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I decided to join this forum after I had sunk in a staggering 28 hours into WoM and then I knew I was an addict and had to join the forum



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Welcome to the forums!

I’m feeling special today so have 2 cookies :cookie: :cookie:

are they “special”

Mhm, I put a very special secret ingredient in there

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welcome! i hope you enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to hell. Got some “Cancer-Away”? You’ll need it.


I am highly resistant after standing near microwaves


Hello. Welcome to robloxian reddit! Enjoy your kindness and happiness getting drained right out of your throat


You seem familiar. Do you have a twin or something?

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my first time here but people are already having conspiracy theories against me

why is that so accurate

People get upset over everything here and no one knows what they’re talking about. It’s more like robloxian twitter.

Because it is. lol

Not true.

30% of the community isn’t commiting to pedophilia/bestiality/incest

Hey buddy, you kinda joined the forums at a bad time. Its on fire right now. So good luck!

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Oh god who is it now?

Jason was exiled. We good.

Oh. Well let me reword it