No Double Tap to Dodge

No Double Tap to Dodge
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Many modern games despise the double tapping a certain movement key in order to dodge in that direction, mostly being due to how clunky it is which often results in miss-taps, the input not registering correctly and it being too slow to be able to dodge anything accordingly.

An example of a game that had this issue is NieR:Automata, playing with a keyboard was majorly discouraged in that game because of the double tap to dodge.


Add a dedicated button for dodging. Holding any movement key and pressing the dodge button will make you dodge in that direction. If you’re not holding any movement key, it will always make you dodge backwards.

The ‘tap to dodge’ key by default is none and remains default, but it the key can be set in settings, and double tap to dodge can also be disabled in the settings.

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Yes, please add this. I hate how you have to stop moving in order to dodge in AA.


Yes PLEASE. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve died because I was 1 millisecond too slow for a dodge.


I’m used to the double tap dodge thing so I wouldn’t really find anything bad with it, I didn’t die due to that on AA or EBG. But this is reasonable, although I prefer sticking with something I’m used to.

Perhaps, the button should be optional? You should be able to pick whether you want double tap movement key or hold dodge + press movement key. Sounds like it would work with both types of people: those who prefer this kind of dodging and those who prefer a double-tap.

Anyways, have a vote, because this would be a nice thing to have.


This, hypothetically speaking, would be a good idea. But there is a problem: Most of the buttons on the right hand side are taken up. q,e,r,f,z,x,c,v are all spell slots, t is high jump and g is block. Where do you thing this dodge button will go?

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I was thinking of originally not having the button set to anything by default and it remains as double tap dodge, and you can assign it in the options along with all the other custom keybinds that are coming in the future. You can also disable double tap to dodge in the options too.

being able to change normal control keybinds would be a neat suggestion on it’s own

Might be a good idea but idrk. The only key that I can see being valid for this is double click ctrl.

That’s already sprint, knowing me I’d probably assign it to mouse3/4 though.

I would assign it to mouse 4 as well

Thats why I said double click. Although that will probably cause problems

Oh right. Wait- that defeats the purpose of the suggestion… You’re still double tapping a key to dodge

h and k

The biggest problem with double tap is, and if you play AR you know what I mean, sometimes it decides to just not work correctly. Also, it takes up time to stop moving for a second to double tap.


Exactly this. I also had this problem in NieR:Automata where I could just not perfect dodge in time and I was forced to switch to controller cause of it. Double tap to dodge really is just a problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, sometimes people can accidentally double tap a key, which could cause problems on it’s own.

Too far away from your left hand.

I’ll use my right

What about your mouse?

I can move it fast enough