No response for suggestor

I applied for the suggestor role almost a week ago and I haven’t gotten a response. Does anyone know why?

probably didn’t get accepted?

People with way worse suggestions have gotten accepted so I doubt it and besides I feel like they would tell me if I didn’t get accepted instead of just leaving me on read


what were the suggestions

I said that some Ravenna quests should have their lvl requirements lowered and the other was a new fighting style

how do yk its worse

I doubt mine’s worse than this

The guy probably did not use a suggestion like that to get the title

are you serious… he made a suggestion, obviously he has the title…

Sorry, I didn’t know you needed a title to do that.

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They probably forgot about it. If they don’t like your suggestion, they’re supposed to “work with you to improve your suggestion(s)”, not not respond

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I made a question similar to this ages ago. Sometimes they just forget or miss something. One of the judges said to ask for a reply if you don’t get one within like 24 hrs or something. I’d give it a day or two.

Took me 2 tries to get suggestor

Yeah they forgot mine too ):

So should I just wait or submit another application

Reply to your initial request and ask for a response