Non-canon magic ideas

not suggestions, but just concept drafting (mostly for elementals to draw lol)

many magics have “lineages,” like Lightning into Storm (or whatever other Lost electric magic) into Electron much like mutations. cold magics don’t have an Ancient so i thought of permafrost and maybe something called cold snap magic to be a more direct relation

or Aurora (courtesy of @Cryonical ) being an extension of Plasma/Light, then becoming Nebula magic with the concept of being a spacial storm

another is Mercury, which i had already suggested a long time ago and now the post is just vanished, but essentially a liquid metal that is also poisonous after contacting certain magics

Ichor would then be the Ancient equivalent since it’s poison to humans, but liquid gold


draw arcturus magic

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tbh, they said primordial magic was given by the gods, so I like to imagine that primordial magics may not be mutations or have any ‘lineage’

for elementals:

Highsteel magic (a divine and powerful magic within the ‘lineage’ of earth or metal that concerns controlling divine/mystical steel)

Dragon magic (powerful blood red fire with draconic properties)

  • Wood => Plants (Upgraded Wood that can apply different effects depending on spell: from poison to blindness)
  • Sand => Sandstorm (Aoe Magic with low base damage but large AOE that applies sand’s blind effect)
  • Slash => Rift (My personal concept. Basicly, its ancient version of Slash that: a) Can create and link portals aka rifts. b) Most important, attack area is not limited in normal sense, it depends on user’s perspective. If you look at far far tree, and slash in its direction. Everything that was in this direction and everything that was in your vision range get affected.)
  • Pheonix => Twisted Phoenix (Theos’ red pheonix that is more powerful than normal one, but gives insanity)
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Cryomagma magic, a freezing substance with properties similar to magma

Eruption magic, a highly explosive version of magma that bursts into puddles on impact instead of leaving a puddle trail.

no, Primordial is not the same as Primitive Magics. when people began using Magic circles it was the same basic ones we have, if not the core seven of Arcane

also Prometheus gave it to humans, and he isn’t a god

it’s just edgy phoenix ngl, not worth my time as far as Elementals but it wouldn’t be that difficult to make a variation

it says in the trello tho (and they do say ‘gods’ in plural)

not sure if highsteel is actually a material in mythology but i’m certain some special metals exist that i would actually base a similar concept on, different name tho

i hate the name and don’t really know what you mean by “draconic,” but i suppose a uniqure fire magic (even tho we already have a million) would be more of a liquid fire like you see in how to train your dragon

fair, gaseous fire magic then? (fire in the form of gas?)

yeah but vetex and/or tech have stated specifically it being Prometheus with their own lore doc. this is just an argument of semantics, anyway, but we know for a fact it was Prometheus who is not considered a god in the vast majority of cases and i wouldn’t put it past vetex and co to oversimplify with the terms

yes, but again dragon magic is a really bad name

Gaia Magic - Manifest and control aspects of the lands themselves, reshape the battlefield in your favor and use nature as either the greatest shield or the mightiest weapon.

Could be like Golems from Berserk but I’m pretty sure I heard you mention you not wanting to do humanoid creatures, still a Golem-like creature could be it.

Nebula Magic - Form clouds of superheated gas, you are the center of your own galaxy and all those in it will bend to your will

I’d imagine this creature could be like something similar to Aurelian Sol from League of Legends, who’s been dubbed as “The Starforger” I’d imagine these elementals create the stars n stuff.

Bane of Magic - A devastating form of magic used for the sole intention of harm, a dark and evil magic focused on ruining the lives and bodies of whoever it’s used against in the form of long-lasting and potent curses.

For this one I imagine it being some kind of parasitic creature, maybe in masses. Vague idea at best but still one I suppose.

some I thought of real quick but I can try to come up with some more :nod:

they call it Arcturus in the webcomic, but ehhhhh. even though i brought up lineages, they still have unique properties to their predecessors and expand on it with their own pre-established gimmicks

Well yeah, but humans after getting magic from Prometheus likely only had the base 7 magics. They might have found mutations later but I think it just makes sense if magic as powerful or advanced as primordial magic would be given by gods (especially with magics like death magic and such, yknow’?)

why would a god give humans such powerful magics when there’s a massive threat to their own power? remember, in arcane prometheus is not benevolent and seeks to gain power from humans collecting aurem for him. such powerful magics being given is a terrible idea that makes no sense. rather, it’d likely be earned after centuries of use.

makes sense

But I still feel like magics like Death magic and such probably were made by gods. It did say some select individuals got primordial magic so maybe they could have gotten said magics somehow?

don’t really like name dropping for magics, it makes it lose all semblance of pure “elementalism” by tying it to a name imo, but it got me thinking of planets and then Asteroids, since most of what Magic is in Arcane is throwing a projectile rather than pulling from/reshaping the environment

i’ve already made a card for this and are similar, but it’s actually a whale based on the Norwegian myth that Northern Lights are water spouts from whales. her title is the Star Breather since it’s a little more mechanically accurate lol. essemtially sje takes in old debris and space material, reforging it within her mouth and then expelling it into new galaxies

seems like Wave², but the name makes it seem more like dispelling, y’know?

Obviously these Magics were wielded by the gods, but they weren’t in any way created by them because we know for a fact that Magic originates from Chaos itself, gods only inhereting a literal fraction of it. and as far as we know, it was randomly given and not Specially Selected™ on who received it since Vetex hasn’t made note of it from any lore i’ve read, nor am i aware of Prometheus doing such a thing in Greek legend

Fair. It’d more or less act like the Enchantment lost spell but in reverse, more potent, and for enemies. Originally was going to be called “Curse Magic” but that felt too on the nose so I changed it literally last second.

this is pog :poggers2: and sorry for not noticing it I really only focus on the big boy snakes of death/destruction, really cool whale concept though

name could be whatever but Gaia felt most accurate given that it’s about the Earth. Some other names could be: Nature Magic, World Magic, or Land’s Ruler (like magic names that aren’t just “[insert noun] Magic” but that’s just me ig)

any others could do, not putting all that much thought into this and it’s 3 am and I’m tired as fuck

all good, i just added it lol

lol, yeah i’m not a fan of the naming conventions but it’s also consistent now so i’m not gonna complain