(NPC Bounty Outfit Summary So Far) What I've Figured Out by Photographing Too Many Bounty NPCs

So after countless servers and NPCs, I believe I have some idea of which set corresponds to what accessories, and how commonly they appear. I’ll reference the phase 3 and 4 appearances more, but I’ll mention what phase 1/2 info I have as well.

Just a quick reference on how I classify things are rare or not:
Common: There’s almost certainly one or two in your server
Uncommon: You probably find one every other server your join, not frequent but not hard to find either
Rare: They don’t appear as often but still show up every once in a while
Exceptionally rare: It’s hard to find one in your server at all unless they’re someone’s rival.

Usually wears top hats, fancy suits, monocles, and merchant’s set at phases 3/4.

Rarity: Rare

Usually wears a steel/titanium set, sometimes without the helmet. They also can wear capes. They’re pretty tanky, usually exceeding 2000 hp if they use a vitality build as well.
They tend to wear leather armor in their earlier phases.

Rarity: Common

What the hell classifies as an archer set?

Rarity: ???

Often wears the sorcerer set, along with mystic hoods or capes. The amount of damage that increases makes them pretty annoying to fight, but also kind of fragile.
They’ll wear the wizard set in their earlier phases.

Rarity: Exceptionally rare

Bounty Hunter:
Now, I have two guesses for this.
The first one is the warrior one. They start out pretty bare but eventually gain warrior boots, and later on warrior armor, a hood, and sometimes a cape or eyepatch.
The reason I’m guessing this set is because some of the phase 1/2 ones wear hunting armor.

The second guess is the mercenary jacket kind. They were merc jackets and boots, along with headbands, eyepatches, and bandanas. I don’t know what else this could be. Maybe an archer. I haven’t seen too many in their early phases so I don’t know what they could look like.

Rarity (Warrior set): Common
Rarity (Merc set): Rare?

Pirates often start out with stuff like durags or undershirt jackets/striped shirts. They slowly transition to a seafarer coat, pirate hats, and pirate captain cloaks. They may also wear pirate legs or a large back coat, and look like NPC pirate ship captains.

Rarity: Common

What’s the difference between this and pirate? Honestly not a whole lot. Sailors start out similar to pirates but instead sometimes wear sailor headbands and sailor cloaks as well rather than a pirate hat and cloak. You’ll have to get the NPC to phase 3 or 4 to figure out what it truly is.

Rarity: Uncommon/Rare

These NPCs don’t wear a whole lot. They might have warrior boots sometimes, but often they’ll wear fighter jackets or martial artist gi. Sometimes they’ll have headbands or iron fists.

Rarity: Uncommon

These NPCs start out wearing straw hats, and eventually add on samurai or wanderer robes and pants. They’ll usually wear a bandana too, and sometimes an eyepatch. They’re probably the most obvious set compared to the others.

Rarity: Uncommon

Unclassified accessories:
Viking helmets belong to pirates? I have no idea where these go
Explorer backpacks are worn in earlier phases. However I saw one on a samurai and another on a mystery theme NPC (possibly bounty hunter)?
Possibly more

Also deckhands seem to use the same outfit themes.


I’ve decided I’m renaming the outfit themes. Some of the ones the wiki uses are far too vague.

Wealthy - Unchanged
Wealthy is clear enough. It describes an NPC who wears stuff considered fancy, like a monocle or top hat. It’s understandable enough.

Knight - Unchanged
Suit of metal armor, matches well with typical descriptions of knights.

Archer - Mercenary
I’m going to guess that archer is the mercenary set. The mercenary set does not look like an archer.

Mage - Unchanged
Magic user, sorcerer set. Pretty simple

Bounty Hunter - Warrior
They start out with hunting armor, but switch to a warrior set, which looks nothing like a bounty hunter.

Pirate - Unchanged or Pirate Captain
Self explanatory, though the annoying thing is how easily you can mix it up with sailor. Still, it’s a pirate, and the NPC looks like a pirate.

Sailor - Unchanged
It wears a sailor set and looks like a seafarer. Again, pretty easy to decipher.

Fighter - Martial Arts Fighter?
I can’t think of a good name for this. Fighter is too vague, but they do wear fighter jackets. They also wear martial artist gi though, so I wanted to incorporate that as well.

Samurai - Unchanged
Again, another pretty obvious one that matches the description. They even wear a samurai set, so no need to rename this one.

Pugilist ?

Actually yeah that would probably be better

My rival uses the viking’s hat.

I can’t tell what armor he is wearing though so I can’t match it to a theme.
Do you have a full body photo of him? With or without the helm is fine, npcs can’t swap outfit themes.

I don’t have that yet.

Unfortunate, just send one when you get one.

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