Oathkeeper vs Sunken Sword

Compared to the Oathkeeper, is sunken or Oathkeeper currently worth more in today’s meta?

oathkeeper goes through magic, walls and does 400+ dmg when clean

sunken does 115 dmg at VERY close range when enchanted with strong

you tell me.


I would say sunken in this case.
Because sunken is very mobility and the enemy almost never become open when use it




  • Incredibly good when your enemy use explosions/Vastira’s ability
  • Clash
  • Far range/through walls
  • Blade length is long and heavy attacks do a lot of damage (Use heavy attack when your enemy is charging)
  • Save your messed up situations (Example:)
    • You used explosion and your enemy is going to kill you with 3 blasts
    • You somehow used beam while your enemy is very close and they decided to use 3 blasts

Sunken Sword:

  • Free T-jump for height
  • Mobility
  • Mess up the enemy’s aim when used
  • Comboable
    • Your enemy was charging 3 blasts and you used sunken to mess up their aim and then trade damage using your 3 blasts move.


  • Leave you open for a long time, your enemy can easily take up 400+ health with 3 blasts if you messed up
  • Harder to aim when enemy is moving
  • When your enemy has higher ground, It’s very hard to aim.
    • Can be stunt (roblox glitch)

Sunken Sword:

  • Not that great damage for sunken
  • Not spamable anymore
  • Blade length is kinda short

That’s it I guess.
Sunken is still broken fr

Oathkeeper wins by a MILE if you are using a tank build

What you’ve listed as sunken being better than oathkeeper is kind wack bruh

It’s not really free, it takes up 30 stamina to do, which is 60 less than a t jump of minimum height this actually matters in pvp because you spend most of it running


Why mess up the client sided aim which can still hit you when u can literally just cancel their existence by clashing with them from afar with oathkeeper??

This is probably the most true thing, but to combo with this you need to use as rushdown playstyle which is EXTREMELY dangerous when fighting against someone who knows what they’re doing, if they oathkeeper raging storm you when you are approaching, you are as good as dead if they use self explosions right after.

Trust me dude, oathkeeper may be FAR less rare, but as it stands, its FAR better.

Mess up the enemy’s aim when used

Now imagine you’re charging your spell, your enemy come close and boom they used sunken to push they up and used 3 blasts against you.

You would take time to reposition to their bodies


Sunken doesn’t even leave the user open.

Free T-jump for height

Still because you could regain stamina pretty fast

Also you seems to forget blocking exists just saying no offense

using a barrage of air slashes that win every clash won’t leave you open either, at worst case scenario you’ll have to tank a placed explosion, which is still better than having to tank a self explosion if you are gonna be close enough to use rising tide

But I literally used 3 blasts to attack an oath spammer

I take 150~ damage while I dealt about 450~

Now imagine you’re charging your spell in pvp, as if you have NEVER fought someone in game and won before because its common knowledge you DO NOT charge in pvp fights, but your opponent punishes you with a 400 damage attack that will go through WHATEVER attack you even are charging regardless of how heavy your magic is

it doesn’t leave the user open if they use NOTHING afterwards, however, most sunken players use a spell right afterwards which is VERY predictable, ask anyone, there arent many mixups with sunken, if you predict that they will use a triple shot or self explosion, boom 400 hp gone to raging storm

blocking wont save you from 400 damage plus bleed

as if you have NEVER fought someone in game and won before because its common knowledge you DO NOT charge in pvp fights


most sunken players use a spell right afterwards which is VERY predictable

That’s why I said trade damage. (It will hit atleast twice for a 3 blasts)

And even if they react fast enough with raging storm I can use block to reduce it to 130~ damage.

blocking wont save you from 400 damage plus bleed

False for sure.

Then it’s pretty likely that you were fighting a baboon that found a pc turned on.

Just today i spent like 40 minutes fighting a wind guy using my tank + strong oath build, he literally couldn’t use magic agaisnt me. He tried to use blasts and explosions a few times, only to get absolutely bombarded by air slashes, and even when he managed to land explosions, i would still decimate him with damage trades that were completely in my favor. The only thing that he could do was use his own oath or spam beams while i was out of stamina

According to my infinite wisdom,

Oathkeeper better than Sunken Sword

No you

That means that the dude you fought earlier is bad then? Or you could just fight me to check. (I’m AS btw)

Fought someone who was using the oathkeeper earlier today and this might just be them not knowing how to use it properly but oathkeeper really didn’t seem very good in my fight against him.

All it really took to dodge the majority of Oathkeeper’s beams (he initiated against me) was a Tjump or magic jump. I double blasted immediately after and I think he didn’t have enough time to adjust his aim because all my blasts hit. Similar thing happened repeatedly thoughout the fight - every time he used raging storm was a big opening for me to counter him. At some point he started to be able to cancel some of my blasts with raging storm but I just swapped to throwing dual daggers at him when he used it and hit every time. Oathkeeper does a lot of damage in total but it’s spread across like 5 projectiles so against any competent opponent you are almost never going to hit all your beams.

Not sure about sunken sword since I haven’t had much experience using or fighting against it though so I can only offer what I know about oathkeeper.

Thanks you, thanks again for noticing me that daggers exist

OK but heres the thing you guys needa consider:

Since sunken sword is used at close range, what if the range for both weapons were used in close range?

If this was the case, then Oathkeeper would hit nearly all of its shots, thus dealing more damage in total. And the fact that it can also be used at range is also a benefit.

I’d say it should be mainly used to counter attacks.

It would also nearly always deal a positive damage trade because it counters blasts and ignores beams and explosions.

He was actually pretty good, i can say that because of the way he tried to combo me, i would have been destroyed in that fight if i was using a normal magic set

Oath is super broken, simple as that. Why? just wait until your enemy tries to attack you and use the raging storm, you’ll land at least 1 hit on the person and destroy his projectile, and the attack is casted super fast too, your enemy won’t have time to go “oh boy, he is using raging storm, i’ll use a blast from a different angle”, by the time he presses Q, you are already free to move and you’ll probably evade his move if you are competent enough

Everyone saying oathkeeper is better is boasting my ego with 6 oathkeepers :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: