Okay. You probably don't remember anything about WoM anymore, but whats the best thing in WoM that's better in AO

I guess the large continent was cool? Im stretching my ideas thin here…

That it was easier to find people to PVP

Was there really any big deterrent from PvPing in WoM as a regular player?

I can barely find people to pvp without searching across the sea

Cultures makes it easy to pick what drip I want
Oh your X culture makes you look like a bronze soldier well I’m making a tank build

Your culture makes you look a nimble spear man well there is your drip sorted

Dying and spawning where you died

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Still a dog shit feature, Castilians had an advantage

i miss the land-based map

navel combat is cool and all but i like walking around the map, looting chests and killing shts


oh yeah also the 4 blast meta was fun

Wandering around, finding chests and new places felt a lot more relaxing and chill to play. Randomly finding NPCs to fight was very fun as a PvE player. No really, it was actually really entertaining. I kinda prefer it more than just jumping to a ship to the next island just to fight something. Idk, WoM felt really laidback, nice for casuals


Yeah completely agree, AO feels much less like that

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WOM felt kinda relaxing, I could hop on grab chests, fight bandits, accept quests.

It’s that repetitiveness that made it relaxing, I could shut my brain off.

And people felt- friendlier?
I had a lot of good encounters with randoms in AO, I had fun with a lot of the randoms I met.

Vs. In AO, pvp feels more encouraged.

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In AO I don’t have that urge to interact sometimes tbh. I suck at PvP, what if they kill me? In WoM, it really didn’t matter all that much, yeah you’d lose crowns but it wasn’t as big a deal

The relaxing vibes of WoM, It’s a world where every world breaking problems are gone or are kept at bay by the Peacekeeper so much so that the protagonist only has to deal with a generic plot.

It was nice hearing the calm ost whenever your walking around, and also the varying combat themes.

It was so cool that every NPC had their unique dialogue, wish Commodore Kai and Architect Merlot had that kind of NPC spice. Aside from aggro lines.

The ability to toggle marks on the map and be able to grind exile for the nth time is the few things i like abt wom. Also how OP lightning magic is back then

WOM’s Wall climbing mechanics.

Wait what am I forgetting about the wall climbing?

I loved turning off my brain doing chest runs around the map, it was kinda relaxing to just watch the scenery go by.

u spam space and u go wroom when climbing

i also miss being able to abandon quest and toggle markers

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flight spell. that’s kinda it