On a story update, disable infamy gain/loss for a day

On a story update, disable infamy gain/loss for a day
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Very simple, it’s all in the title. Whenever we get a story update, infamy should be globally disabled for at least one day, to allow clan players to experience it without fear of getting randomly ganked while fighting a boss.

Why should this be implemented now? I came up with this suggestion at this current moment because this is the update where players in clans with 25000 infamy or more are put into specific clan servers with only other clan members when joining a random server, meaning the chances of getting ganked while just trying to fight a boss are much higher.


hear me out:
infamy should be disabled whenever you are on a relevant island for any main story quest you are currently doing.

I’d go as far as to say PvP as a whole should be disabled in this situation but people are against that for some reason.


It’s the biggest thing keeping AO alive

but should people really be forced into competitive PvP (or pvp at all) when they’re in the middle of the story?


Yea that’s a fair point

Someone explain how ganking someone uninterested in PvP keeps the game alive because I’ve never understood this


It’s easy
Victim will, upon ganked, leave the game
Attacker will leave the game if he can’t gank
The number of gankers is never lesser than the number of victims, as one ganker must be present to attack one victim
However, there can be multiple gankers for one victim
So then we know that Ganker>Victim
Thus, less damage is than if victims leave the game than if gankers do

But what if you’re just goated like me and can do a 1v5 like an anime character after reminiscing about his friends?

then they become more toxic than the Chernobyl exclusion zone and start witch hunting you in groups of 10

Yeah it’ll suck but now that means there is a larger number of victims than gankers.

even though imma pvper i want to actually experience game

Not worth doing all that manually when infamy from hunts can be removed or nerfed entirely to reduce toxicity across the board.

Vetex has already said the main way of getting infamy is to claim islands so with the clan building update I think infamy from hunts could be removed completely cause it kind of just rewards random killing people in clans, and if this hurts infamy gain too much, infamy from kills when contesting can be buffed in return.

Gonna bring this up as a balance thing and I think the majority of the others will agree
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I like this idea overall, it’s simple and should have been in the game ages ago

The problem with disabling infamy while on a quest is that you can still ge attacked. It should disable pvp altogether.

Like, good that the infany is disabled during my quest, the guy beating me to death will only notice this after they kill me

yea actually you’re right, it is all or nothing.
The system I described would be completely useless and stop literally nothing without fully disabling PvP in the situations it would be active.

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I’d like to point out that

this is straight up incorrect because I, in a group of 2 or 3 other people, have absolutely been jumped by solo gankers.

Did they succeed? No.
Did they try? Yes.

They were an absolute piece of shit about it too, running away and hiding to heal every time they took a hit and then chasing us down over and over and over and over and over and over.
I guess if they couldn’t win they’d settle for fighting a losing battle literally forever instead.

I would really love this. When I was sailing to Mistral, my ship was really broken and I forgot to repair it. 10 minutes in to sailing, some bro pulled up and wrecked me when I was off guard. This would be very helpful, and it may also benefit people that have a Yt channel or stream on twitch. The people get their videos out almost a day after the update from what ive seen, and I assume its because people want to kill said person. A grace period would be nice for low levels who cant get to the actual update because of gankers

Also smthn I just realised, but why are there always more gankers then victims? A ganker can attack multiple people