(ONGOING!) Forest of Mystery

You find yourself wandering one night in the Whispering Forest. You hear the rustling of the trees and the whistle of the wind. You hear footsteps near you. Your heartbeat starts to hasten, and adrenaline surges into your veins. Who’s also in this forest? Are they friendly? Are they hostile? What happens next, only you can tell.

go hog wild, boys.

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Arielle glances around. The forest seems dark and quiet. Bandits? Dark wizards? Her heart races, and she draws her sword…

“HEY! Who are you?”

Arsen wanders around the forest, cautious of the surroundings. He sees Arielle and starts to become more cautious.

Aaron Adamos heard the drawing of a sword and prepared a magic circle

Aitami rushed down the path, followed by 2 mercenaries from his guild. He was on his way to Riverville to meet up with his adversaries, who were deciding something fairly important for the guild.

“What the-”

Arsen is caught off guard by the sudden yell.

Uh guys perhaps we should have turns or something this is a little chaotic.

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“I, am here- wha?”

Arsen readies a small circle of Inferno Magic in his finger.

(alright puck can you uhhhhhhhhh idk insert yourself here idk)

Aitami stopped, hearing the cry.
“George, Michael. Go see what that was.”
Aitami pulled his hand out of his pocket, and readied it.

Garrett walks into the forest, keeping himself alert. He pulls out a dagger, looking left and right with a cautious look on his face.

There’s someone else here…

He looks in the merc’s direction, clearly surprised by the number of people around him.

George and Michael scurried about, looking for the source of the noise.

“Inferno? Shadow magic: Armored blade!”
Kays says, making a shadow sword

“Er…hello?” He calls out into the thick barrier of trees.

After the mercs saw @Robotstics, they stopped.
“Who are you?!”

Aitami heard the two mercs, and walked forward.

He points at Kays to silently explain the situation.

“A-anyone? Is anyone here?” He calls out again.