Opinion on new roblox event?

The list of games that will be in the event are so :sob:
which idiot thought it was a good idea to put toilet tower defense on the event

Event started
it sucks
so lame

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wait…there’s a game list for the dev hunt already?

Yea :sob:


Not suprised.

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Cant wait to hop on cheese tower defense and lumberjack simulator

i am about to have a mental breakdown reading this.
My expectations for this event went to shit.
You couldn’t have replace some of this garbage over…i don’t know? Sylbyte? PHIGHTING? Tower Heroes? who was even choosing these…
now pray that the event will be easy to accomplish for me, other than the horror part.

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shouldnt have had expectations for roblox to begin with
they either fall short of it or fail to even get close to meeting expectations

At least Tower Heroes is somewhat well known. Phighting and Sylbyte I can understand, not super-well known games, but Tower Heroes has been around for a decent while and is surely way better than any game called “Toilet Tower Defense”. Really? Toilet Tower Defense?

Must be targeting the brain rotted audience. Although, I still haven’t played the event yet, but I can guess it’s probably an egg hunt?

It wasn’t always like this…

It’s probably not a egg hunt since they would have 100% called it an egghunt to bait older players

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Hey? you know Sylbyte? impressive.

And no, it’s a dev hunt i assume.

Ah well, at least Ragdoll Universe will get a few more players. That’s… something I guess.

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I thought dragon adventures said arcane adventures for a second
we’re reviving a broken game just to get a few bad rthro items!

pls donate???

pls donate eggs

ok… event skipped. i dont want to :st3: myself playing all of these cash grab brain rot games

holy fuck i was right


I’ve wanted an egg hunt event
I’ve looked at the page and see the games
I’ve cried in pain after looking at all these rip-offs
I’ve quit the event before it started