Opinion on new roblox event?

So apparently there’s some kinda live event going on now?

The Hunt: Second Edition

100 badges and youll get the awesome actually an egg egg but its also locked behind the battlepass

they did not

What happened?

I got all 100 badges in the event.

It’s definitely something you can do if you have like 20 hours of free time, and are willing to sacrifice entire afternoons for a few days. I don’t regret it… but now I have a bit of catching up to do (for other things).

The avatar items are kinda cool. They aren’t terrible, and probably are worth grinding for. The gold pass (and the daily limited items) is a bit scummy but I still paid for it. Though I like the aesthetic of the regular items more (all of my avatars are black + another color).

I’m kinda saddened by the fact that I went though all the good games within the first 20% of grinding this. Some games are okay; not bad, but only a standout because the rest are trash. There’s also one two player game. I’ve spent enough time complaining about some random ass game like Redcliff city or Snowboard Obby or Football Fusion or Total Roblox Drama or Driveworld or LifeTogether or Collect All Pets and how it represents trends of problems within Roblox games and the platform as a whole, so I think I’ve said enough.

The event is called a “first edition”, and I’ve heard that David Baszucki has been sending tweets of plans for more events. Hopefully they are good and not just timesink landfills of an “experience”.

If we get a second Hunt, I really, REALLY hope it has games that are actually worth playing, like AO or maybe Item Asylum.

This is a niche wish, but I also hope that it won’t require players to be 13+ to finish the event. Imagine not having a way to get Robux and seeing nice accessories, but then get taunted by how you need to play games that you can’t get to because you didn’t lie about your age when signing up (or had a parent sign up for you).