Opinion on the TGR Update

Got muted on the discord and the mod said to post it here, even though vetex was literally in the general chat when i sent it, and in like 999/1000 timelines (might even be an understatement) vetex will never see shit here but I digress.

The Map: The Map was and still is a phenomenal part of World of Magic, however the lack of new towns being added always felt like a bit of a bummer to me. however, even though I haven’t played AA much personally I do know that the island based map was well done, and if vetex is going back to an archipelago for a world, then at least I can be confident that it will be done well, however, ditching Flight Magic in favor of boats takes a bit of the Magic out of World of Magic for me in my eyes.

Lore and Time Period Changes: Again I didn’t play Arcane Adventures enough to understand the lore so I’m not gonna make my opinion on something I don’t have the knowledge on.

Storyline Focus: The World of Magic storyline was really lackluster in comparison to just other games I’ve seen on Roblox, and getting a new storyline would be really nice seeing how the one we had in WoM seemed like a waste of talent given the fact that you have written a whole world for a couple of Roblox Games.

Cultures: Cultures originally seemed irrelevant and realistically they shouldn’t have been, Mechanically it would be more balancing for a game where PvP is a factor but giving each Culture their own unique pseudo playstyle would have given a bit more depth to the cultures instead of making each weapon a reskin of some sort, and on top of that it would give the game a bit more replayability in where you would want to level some of the other cultures to have alts that have access to that specific cultures arsenal.

NPC Changes: This here I believe is the big mistake vetex is making, reverting the Dynamic NPC’s and Towns to bland spots for players to grab a story quest and go seems like a bad choice seeing how NPC’s are what makes World of Magic, World of Magic. Realistically the only chore when it comes to the Merchant NPC’s is for the Evil characters, where it was hard to find the NPC they needed but otherwise was alright. a Quick fix to Sleeping NPC’s not being able to give quests would be to let them give quests anyway, why wouldn’t the player just wake them up? and the Special NPC’s being Bosses is more a situation of Optimizing how to make them more quickly but that gets into the game’s code and I don’t know much about that so I can’t really go into that topic without getting told: “lol idiot”. All in all, losing NPC’s hurts a certain part about World of Magic that makes it unique, every NPC being fightable to interactable really emphasized the Good/Evil reputation system that the game provided giving the two sides entirely different views. With the NPC’s gone the Evil side will feel less unique from the Good side now that the aspect of getting some friends together to wreak havoc on a town is gone.

Quests: Finally Quests, Quests were indeed a nice idea on paper and I feel would have fit in better when combined with other meaningful quests, really emphasizing the Do-Gooder or Evildoer aspect of the game that’s provided. It isn’t about how the NPC lost his hat again or how the Evil Guy wants you to kill a guy right near him, it’s about how the player gets to make their decision in how they want to explore the world of magic.

In Conclusion: World of Magic may have had its flaws and a number of these changes are in good faith going to fix some of those. However, some things like Cultures, NPC’s and Quests, while they aren’t Mechanically sound they are more than Atmospherically sound, Realistically Arcane Odyssey is definitely the Arcane Adventure sequel being more in line with it especially with how much more frequently the game can update for Roblox kid’s simulator standards, while World of Magic was so ambitious of a project it would have been infinitely better if made on a platform like Steam for an older audience where weekly updates aren’t mandatory to keep a healthy community.

There’s my feedback on the TGR update I hope I’m in that 1/1000 timelines where vetex sees this.


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I really hope more than one town are on islands instead of yknow the obvious singular town

It will take a long time for the community and players to accept and adapt to this update

most of us here expect to destroy stuff in GTA 5 continent not really AC Black flag/Rogue adventure and naval stuff

I still like the change tho even some I disagree

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vetex actually reads the forum so he will see this

IMO the current game still would have been great if I didn’t revamp it, but it would’ve taken much more time to get to a good point + some of the issues I mentioned would have persisted potentially forever.

Your points on removing certain features that make the game unique are correct, and they will be missed, but I don’t think people should be all that sad about them, since they’ll be replaced with new features that add just as much uniqueness. (storyline, cutscenes, influential dialog choices, more unique NPCs, better side quests since they will be hand-made and not random, etc.)



Cut-scenes huh, guess it’s only going to be client sided?

Does this mean competitions for community-made side quests? :flushed:

I assume you mean cutscenes will be player specific, i.e. when one player has a cutscene, it doesn’t force the entire server into a cutscene. If that is what you mean, then you are correct.

yeah…welp good luck, hopefully you combine WOM and AA, but make it even better

are you taking it in the approach of God of War 4? where there’s a main storyline, and then you’re gonna add a bunch of side quests while creating a huge world-

Idk I’ve never played it

yeah man if you watch full video playthroughs where you play everything in the game (takes like over a day)

there’s a like a huge main storyline that you need to go through and a bunch of side quests you can do on the way


Cutscenes you say? I like it.

Vetex put “Make the night darker again” on the trello for the next update and I started having flashbacks to AA when I was stuck on Permafrost island for like the entire night because I couldn’t see XD

dude that’d be cool, then i’d actually be able to use my TORCH