Other humanoid and possibly intelligent creatures?(Hypothetical question)

So far ingame sirens are the only humanoid and seemingly intelligent non-human creatures we’ve seen not counting atlanteans who I’m pretty sure are just messed up humans(I don’t know anything about arcane adventures so if theres anything like that from there I wouldn’t know). Given that greek mythology is basically canon, with some major alterations in certain area, there are presumably other intelligent humanoid monsters from it as well such as cyclops and mermaids.

Would y’all like to see those added? If so which ones, and how would you like them to be implemented? Would you want them to just be delegated to the dark sea like the sirens? Or would you like to see them be part of the sea clusters and possibly interact with the main story? And if you do want them to be a part of the main story or side quests what exactly would you want them to be doing?

atlanteans are humans

Yeah thats what I figured

I WANT DRAGON AND KRAKENN (prob too hard to code tho)

I dont know about a dragon but if done like sea of thieves a kraken could be possible or just give it limited animations and make it a white eyes clone which would be kinda lame

for kraken I mean the ship and player tentacle grabbing part

Medusa :skull: (It’s from Greek Mythology, so yeah.)

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Yeah sea of thieves style, thats what I was thinking

I have not played that game or know anything about it so :person_shrugging:

Add nymphs and watch the forums go through another week of drawing one female npc

Do nymphs even do anything?

No clue, then again there are a quite a few humanoid creatures that don’t really do anything

I mean, they would fit the game. How exactly do you think they would work, anyways? Enemies? Town NPCs?

Oh and uh, they’d have to have a slight… wardrobe change from the original mythology material.

I would love to see a pure blood Vastus, but they’re all extinct so a corpse would be good enough fr

What are those?

They are mentioned by Ingvild in Ravenna after doing the “Traveller in Distress” Rubica Quest.

They are mountain sized creatures, they’re are hybrids between them and humans (don’t ask how) and they’re huge people. The Minotaur in WoM was a vastus hybrid with a tiny amount of blood, Cursebeard is also a hybrid iirc.

We’re gonna see a ton of huge people in Vimir sea basically

I knew the minotaur from WoM was a hybrid I just couldn’t remember what with, thats cool though glad we’ll get to actually see more people like him.

It would be sick if the corpse of the vastus was an island itself like in the owl house