Paladin Armor

Trying to find a good armor set for Paladin, came up with this.

All im missing are the calvus pieces and variscites, which are ungodly easy to get.
Viable or change?

what majik

fire ash
though the ash doesn’t matter since i wont have 2nd magic anymore when the update drops (vitality hybrid awakening rework)

also you could have just said fire and not have to type anything else out


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Too much power

Because of the power scaling penalty with vatality it’s more efficient to just run different stats. 40 power is enough, focus on what you are already good at like defense, and substats like speed and size

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power doesn’t do that much on paladin
armour pierce would probably be better if vetex didn’t change it so it only does more damage against blocking targets :frpensive:
(focus more on agility instead of size. instant t jump is very nice, and instant ekrix is also quite good)

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Where did you find it?

useless underwater

On my paladin I went heavy into defense, attack size, and agility (enough for instant dodges) but in return it only has like 37 power. Even with earth magic my attacks only do 160-200 damage so maybe it is necessary for fire.

Beams are pretty op though, with a double beam set to 60% size I have no trouble hitting it and it does more damage than my blast. Only problem is endlag I guess.

slide the setup?

also yea, i tested what my damage would be like with 37 power my blast does like 136 + 45 burn
so its not TOO bad as long as they dont have a way to remove it, but im sure the incoming update will buff paladin
hell it might even make higher power values worth it

If it doesn’t I will send all my missiles at vetex and the balance teams houses

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Out of curiosity how big are your attacks?

It’s in vetcord or b-cord somewhere, iirc it’s %OfVitalityInvestment/2 damage and power scaling penalty

I.e, a level 125 Savant with 50 points in vitality will have a 10% damage and power scaling penalty (half of 20%)

Honestly, with the hitbox, it’s hard to tell. 41% size increase on a 1.3 size affinity magic if that helps. Would probably be even bigger if i were a mage.

Woah, these are huge numbers.

I have 112 vitality on my paladin, so is that a 21% penalty?

It won’t be useless underwater by the end of Nimbus iirc.