Part 1 of A War in Heaven

It is I, the herald of god (hael Xael).

@Seasoned_Writer , I bring you salvation in the darkness, light in the abyss, hope in the endless night. hehe ping time

Part one of A War in Heaven is now released.

You can find the rest of Arielle’s stories here: End of the Beginning-The Arielle Trilogy


whomst’ve summoned the ancient one

oh heya,

wow, good job, scholar

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damn alrighty then. You remind me of a friend actually. They would write stuff like this. They were also most likely gay, considering how much yaoi they made. Probably. I never actually asked.




Really smart too


8 ppl have liked it but only seven have clicked on it… sus

Question, how do you make pdfs like this?

This is really good, btw

Use word and hit File → Export → Export as PDF, then upload it to your Google Drive.

Again very late but honestly satisfied with that death mans was looking for smoke and he got it I don’t even blame my man kairox…wood magic very cool tho

wood magic moment