Perfect Cooking Leveling Service

Excerpt taken from Raven’s Restaurant & Retail.
Refer to that post for my full up-to-date wares.

Want to get Cooking Skill Level: Perfect but don’t know where to start?
Purchase the pack, follow my instructions, and you’ll reach it within an hour!

Ingredient Pack Base Cost* Fee
Decent > Perfect 6408 Galleons + 900
Good > Perfect 5608 Galleons + 750
Great > Perfect 4584 Galleons + 600
Superb > Perfect 3520 Galleons + 450
Excellent > Perfect 2288 Galleons + 300

*Price may be lower based on progression.

I respond to forum PMs and replies.
You can also message me on Discord (Ravencliffe#0001).

Does this price also includes ingredients? (Just asking and sorry for stupid questions, im bad at english and may not understand some words combinations).

base cost = price for ingredients. lowers if you already have some cooking xp
fee = how much I make for grinding them. does not change

Nvm, I forgot to transfer my money from file which I deleted today, I will write here if I collect some money, prob tommorow or on next weekends.

I’m not available on Sundays so if you want to do the trade, it’ll have to wait until Monday

still open! if topic is closed, you can always DM me

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