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Raven's Restaurant

Welcome to my restaurant, where I sell meals and other items! :plate_with_cutlery:
:warning: All items sold have no set price and are up to offers.
Last updated: 31 March, 2023


Selling Meals

Table contains all meals being sold. Full stats included for your convenience.

Meal Worth Size Quality Hunger Effects Duration
Perfect Glazed Seafood Buffet x1 1127 Large Legendary 748 Recovery V 2h 1m
Perfect Seafood Buffet x1 1030 Large Great 400 Recovery III 1h 5m
Perfect Glazed Seafood Combo x1 364 Large Delicious 420 Recovery V, Fortified II 25m 55s
Perfect Glazed Squid and Mushroom Stew x1 336 Small Legendary 602 Recovery V, Energizing IV, Insanity II 27m 23s
Perfect Giant Fish Pie x1 323 Large Delicious 222 Invigorating IV, Recovery III 18m 2s
Perfect Seasoned Fish Sandwich x1 320 Small Delicious 151 Recovery IV 14m 43s
Perfect Seasoned Giant Shark Pie x1 320 Large Delicious 363 Invigorating V, Recovery IV 17m 41s
Perfect Seasoned Fish Combo x1 318 Large Great 136 Recovery III 28m 43s
Perfect Seasoned Fish Pie x2 304 Small Delicious 239 Invigorating V, Recovery V, Fortified II 13m 17s
Perfect Seasoned Shark Spaghetti x1 290 Large Great 227 Recovery III, Invigorating II 25m 49s
Perfect Seasoned Fish Pie x1 285 Small Delicious 138 Invigorating V, Recovery IV, Fortified II 5m 40s
Perfect Seasoned Giant Shark Pie x1 281 Large Delicious 241 Invigorating V, Recovery V 11m 44s
Perfect Seasoned Shark Spaghetti x1 271 Large Delicious 172 Recovery IV, Invigorating II 19m 33s
Perfect Grilled Giant Fish x1 271 Large Delicious 216 Recovery IV 35m 6s
Perfect Grilled Giant Squid x1 271 Large Great 325 Recovery III 52m 48s
Perfect Grilled Giant Shark x1 271 Large Delicious 289 Recovery IV 46m 57s
Perfect Grilled Giant Shark x1 220 Large Delicious 234 Recovery IV 38m 1s
Perfect Glazed Grilled Giant Anglerfish x2 56 Large Delicious 119 Recovery V, Fortified II 9m 18s
Perfect Glazed Fish and Mushroom Sandwich x1 35 Small Legendary 177 Recovery III, Energizing III 14m 22s
Perfect Seasoned Giant Mushroom Pie x1 31 Large Great 89 Invigorating III, Energized IV, Fortified II 3m 39s
Buying Ingredients

Table contains the amount I pay for every fruit, mushrooms, and seasonings.
Rare, Exotic, and Legendary fish can be sold to me for 30% worth.
I apply a bonus for sales over 2,000 value! Refer to bottom of table for details.

Ingredient Value Demand Location Found
Banana* 2 ☆☆☆ Limestone Key
Basil herb 1 ☆☆☆ Goso Jungle
Blue mushroom 3 ★☆☆ Mango Isle
Brown mushroom* 2 ☆☆☆ Most islands
Cardamom spice 4 +4 ★★☆ Food crate only
Cloudcap mushroom* 3 ☆☆☆ Cirrus Island
Clove spice 4 +4 ★★☆ Food crate only
Coconut 1 ☆☆☆ Most islands
Cursed mushroom 5 +2 ★★☆ Akursius Keep
Garlic spice 4 +4 ★★☆ Food crate only
Giant banana 4 +4 ★★★ Shell Island
Giant greencap 4 +2 ★★☆ Whispering Caverns
Grapes 2 ☆☆☆ Thorin’s Refuge
Green apple 2 ★☆☆ The Forest of Cernunno
Horizon rosemary 5 +5 ★★★ Skycliff Island
Lemongrass herb 3 ☆☆☆ Ravenna
Lime 3 ☆☆☆ Dawn Island
Mango 3 ☆☆☆ Mango Isle
Marjoram herb 1 ☆☆☆ Dawn Island
Marula 3 ☆☆☆ Ravenna
Orange* 2 ☆☆☆ Goso Jungle
Orange Swiftcap 4 +2 ★★☆ Skycliff Island
Peach 2 ☆☆☆ Munera Garden
Pepper spice 4 +8 ★★★ Food crates only
Prickly pear 3 ☆☆☆ Sandfall Isle
Pumpkin 3 +2 ★★☆ Harvest Island
Red apple* 2 ☆☆☆ Palo Town
Rock salt 1 ☆☆☆ Breaking rock piles
Sea kale 4 +2 ★★☆ Limestone Key
Sky apple* 4 ☆☆☆ Cirrus Island
Sky grapes 4 ☆☆☆ Cirrus Island
Sky lemon 4 ☆☆☆ Djin Ruins
Sky Pumpkin 8 +4 ★★☆ The Sky (Quest-locked)
Sun caraway 5 +10 ★★★ Sandfall Isle
Tomato 3 ★☆☆ Ravenna
Vanilla herb 1 ☆☆☆ Harvest Island
Watermelon 4 ☆☆☆ Goso Jungle
Wheat 3 +2 ★★☆ Ravenna (Quest-locked)
White mushroom* 2 ☆☆☆ Most islands

*Ingredient counts as half when calculating bonus.
**Fish does not count towards bonus.

Value sold Bonus
2,000 - 3,999 + 100
4,000 - 5,999 + 250
6,000 - 7,999 + 400
8,000 - 9,999 + 600
10,000+ + 10%
Cooking Skill Power-leveling Service

Want to get Cooking Skill Level: Perfect but don’t know where to start?
Purchase the pack, follow my instructions, and you’ll reach it within an hour!

Ingredient Pack Base Cost* Fee
Decent > Perfect 6408 Galleons + 900
Good > Perfect 5608 Galleons + 750
Great > Perfect 4584 Galleons + 600
Superb > Perfect 3520 Galleons + 450
Excellent > Perfect 2288 Galleons + 300

*Price may be lower based on progression.


Seasonal Level
Brown Dark Omen Mask x1 1+
Death Crown x1 1+
Haunted Skull Chain x1 1+
Boss Drop Level
Archon Quartz Amulet x1 120+
Cernyx’s Faulds x1 120+
Cape of Ravenna Loyalty x2 100+
Lion of Ravenna Helmet x1 90+
Ravenna Apostle Pauldrons x1 90+
Vermillion Bracelet x1 30+
Amulet Level
Defense Amulet [Fair] x1 120+
Intensity Amulet [Fair] x1 120+
Power Amulet [Fair] x1 120+
Agility Amulet [Fair] x2 110+
Attack Size Amulet [Fair] x1 110+
Intensity Amulet [Fair] x3 110+
Power Amulet [Fair] x1 110+
Agility Amulet [Fair] x2 100+
Attack Size Amulet [Fair] x1 100+
Attack Speed Amulet [Fair] x1 100+
Defense Amulet [Fair] x4 100+
Intensity Amulet [Fair] x3 100+
Power Amulet [Fair] x4 100+
Arcsphere Level
Arcanium Arcsphere x1 120+
Boss Drop Level
Swift Ravenna Fallen King Armor x1 120+
Beige Ravenna Noble Armor x1 120+
Lime Ravenna Noble Armor x1 90+
Boss Drop Level
Ravenna Apostle Leggings x1 100+
Boss Drop Level
Triasta of Bronze x1 100+
Scimitars of Storm x1 60+
Miscellaneous Level
Vindicator x3 120+
Commodore Kai’s Sabre x1 110+
Sanguine x1 70+
Rare Scroll Level
Rare Spell Scroll: Pulsar x3 80+
Rare Technique Scroll: Axe-Slash x7 80+
Enchantment Scroll Level
Enchantment Scroll: Amplified x6 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Bursting x15 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Hard x1 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Lucky x7 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Luring x8 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Magnetic x5 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Nimble x6 1+
Enchantment Scroll: Strong x4 1+

|Enchantment Scroll: Swift | x1 | 1+|


Hull Armor
Item Level Durability Stability Speed Turning Ram Defense
Bronze Framing x1 90+ 2700 9% 414
Swift Reinforced Wooden Framing x1 50+ 750 3% 11 10
Blueprint Level Durability Stability Speed Turning Ram Defense
Blueprint: Bronze Framing x3 90+ 2700 9% 414
Blueprint: Light Rugged Hull x2 90+ 2025 2% 13
Blueprint: Reinforced Wooden Hull x1 90+ 1350 4% 7
Blueprint: Rugged Framing x1 70+ 1575 2% 12
Blueprint: Trimmed Wooden Hull x3 70+ 2100 8% 322
Blueprint: Wooden Hull x2 70+ 1050 4% 7
Item Level Damage Multiplier Range Multiplier Fuse Length Reload Speed Speed Magic Storage
Lesser Arcanium Cannons x1 90+ 1.7 0.8 2 5 -5 135
Amplified Culverins x1 50+ 1.5 1.9 2 6 -7
Blueprint Level Damage Multiplier Range Multiplier Fuse Length Reload Speed Speed Magic Storage
Blueprint: Lesser Arcanium Cannons x2 90+ 1.7 0.8 2 5 -5 135
Blueprint: Lesser Ice Cannons x1 90+ 2 0.6 2 5 -5 135
Blueprint: Bronze Cannons x4 80+ 1.8 1 2 6 -7
Blueprint: Bronze Carronades x4 80+ 2.2 0.7 2 8 -12
Blueprint: Bronze Culverins x2 80+ 1.8 1.6 2 6 -7
Blueprint: Heavy Bronze Cannons x3 80+ 2 1.2 2 7 -10
Item Level Ramming Speed Durability Ram Strength Ram Defense Magic Storage
Lesser Ice Ram x2 90+ 1.4 225 1855 103 360
Blueprint Level Ramming Speed Durability Ram Strength Ram Defense Magic Storage
Blueprint: Lesser Ice Ram x2 90+ 1.4 225 1855 103 360
Blueprint: Iron Battering Ram x2 80+ 1.4 200 1960 92
Blueprint: Iron Blade Ram x4 80+ 1.5 400 1330
Blueprint: Iron Cleaving Ram x2 80+ 1.4 200 1690 92
Blueprint: Iron Reinforced Ram x5 80+ 1.6 100 970 368
Blueprint: Iron Spiked Ram x4 80+ 1.5 200 1330 184
Sail Material
Item Level Durability Speed Resilience
Sturdy Cotton Sailcloth x1 80+ 160 3 22%
Swift Hemp Sailcloth x1 80+ 19

I respond to forum PMs and replies.
You can also message me on Discord (Ravencliffe#0001). However, I do not take friend requests so you’ll have to be in a shared server. (Example: Vetex’s Games)
I’m usually available 3:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) all days except Sunday, so make sure your schedule fits mine.

  • Ravencliffe
    AO Cookbook Database Manager
    Chief Executive of Ravenn Co.

very niche shop but it looks very nice

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People keep copying my cooking service!!! grr

With that being said very pleasant; shop the formatting is almost perfect, but not quite 5 star-worthy Imo. I don’t really get many customers for my cooking service so I don’t think this’ll be the most active shop, but yeah good luck.

P.S: Do you buy meals or just ingredients? Since I have a perfect recovery 5 for 3 hrs per bite meal and I may sell it to you if you give me some goodies for it…

I’m only looking for ingredients, although I’m sure I can find a quick buyer for that dish. what’s your price on it?
do note that I mainly play this game to cook, so I don’t have a lot of boss drops, seasonals, or whatever people want these days

there’s no point to saying “per bite” because once the buff you got from eating the first bite finally ends, your meal would have despawned

question do you sell insanity shrooms

Only for spices and rare seasonings at equal worth. I don’t take any other payment

Ah I see, I would’ve liked some sort of argos/calvus drop(s?) but I guess it was worth seeing if you could gimmie anything for it. No I don’t want to sell it for a couple thousand galleons…

I’m not sure if meals despawn, but it does remind me of the issue that there’s no point of long lasting large meals, like what boss am I gonna grind for 15 hours straight, and without disconnecting once or the server shutting down aswell

maybe just make it so that once you finish the whole meal the statuses apply

Ehhhh Idk it seems a bit more strong that way so I’m not sure how I feel about it, I feel like you should just be able to pick up meals after eating them, at least only 1 more time or something but Idk

that would just cause too many variables in food trading imo

Food not only barely gets traded but an indicator that can display how many bites a meal has left can easily just be added so idk what you mean. If it were to be done the way you described it, dedicated enough people (or rich enough people) would have recovery 5 permanently basically.

Anywho we’ll just have to see if it stays this way or something is done, I don’t wanna clog this shop further :+1:

yeah, this is a dumb thing to debate about tbh

I’ve expanded my wares, if you’re still looking to sell that meal. there might be something you’d like

I changed my mind for now, but it’s not unlikely I come back to trade it :+1:

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Hello, im intrested in trading for your stury flax sailcloth blueprint and either one of your wooden hull blue prints. Before i offer just on the slim chance to make it easier on myself, are you looking for anything in particular for said items?

mainly ingredients, as stated in the beginning. any will do, as long as it’s equivalent value

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What are the values of each items so i know what to offer, also do you perfer quality or quantity

I had a giant pumpkin pie at munera garden and I had 2 bites of it and I went to that island a few hours later and it was still there

holy crap that’s crazy