Permadeath is fine if done right

Here’s the 3 criteria permadeath systems need to reach to be considered fine. Permadeath isn’t everyones cup of tea though and I respect that. Having a good permadeath system in place could add a bit of spice to a game and make each action feel rewarding. Some people prefer different kinds of things in the end and I can’t stop anyone hating on this kind of system.

1: Good/Fun Progression
Progression in the game shouldn’t be a drag that takes centuries to do one thing. It should feel like if you know the game well enough and you’re skilled, you’ll be able to progress faster. Progression should also be fun so the player can keep playing and not feel like an endless grind.

2: Power Level Balance
This is especially important in games like Rogue Lineage and Deepwoken where there’s a ton of other players that can also kill you. If a progressed player can kill you effortlessly despite you being a better player, maybe some nerfs should be required so everyone has a fair enough chance. You still want progression to make you stronger, but it shouldn’t be a free win just because a freshie doesn’t have any skills.

3: How you die
Death should mostly feel fair to a person. If they did some wrong actions that could have prevented in the first place, then I think it will be completely reasonable. If every death feels unfair and cannot be prevented, then I feel like the whole permadeath system can hurt the game instead of benefit.

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rogue lineage is the only good example of a permadeath game
permadeath is actually amazing if done well, but its very hard to pull off

I haven’t seen a single half-decent permadeath game except rogue so far

I wouldn’t say Rogue Lineages permadeath is great. If classes across-the-board were less powerful and more ways to deal with them, I feel like it would be pretty good. Some items or progression being passed down from each lineage would be pretty nice too.

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rogue is a well scripted game done terribly wrong, idk what you’re saying.

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rotmg best permadeath game i ever played

it’s a bullethell mmorpg where if you stand 10 pixels to the right during the wrong boss phase you get insta popped and lose items you spent weeks grinding for

been playing it for almost 8 years now

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If Wom gets a permadeath system then I pray to jesus that Vetex paches in the holes to the void inside of the water, you are a maxed level player that has a hard time dying but you jump into some water and it sends you to the void, actually that would be hilarious Vetex add this.

and that’s how more than half the playerbase quits

nah the permadeath system and the base game in rogue are great
sure it has some huge fucking balance issues and problems, but the permadeath is fine

Rouge is well coded but its permadeath system is terrible. It breaks all the criteria mentioned and is focused on killing other players to progress.

Deepwoken on the other hand seems to be trying to improve. Hopefully, it turns out way better.

honestly, i think the first version of permadeath in vesteria was one of the worst ones

you lost a 3rd of your saved moolah, which was bad bcus vesteria i think had a higher dificulty than wom.

then theres the cleric part, which was sometimes bad bcus there were medics that would heal you IF you PAID them, which is a stupid thing (not all of them were greedy clerics, thats why i said it was SOMETIMES bad).

then, there was the tax part, which was also bad, meaning that you would now only receive 70% of the currency through a trade, which i think made prices go higher.

like, lets say you are trying to buy a azariah’s edge, he asks you to give him 300 silver, bcus he would only receive 210 silver, which is about how much he actually wants.

then, there was the fact that this WASNT a mode that you could turn on in settings or something like that, THIS WAS FORCED.

this wasnt the final version, though, and we thankfully didnt have that version, bcus of the WILDFIRE that happened.

trading tax however helps prevent the trade of exploited money, which arguably helps the economy

thats a very good point, but you do have to realize its a PAID game, there would be almost no trading exploits.

lol thats funny
thats actually adorable
you seriously think there wouldn’t be any trading or duping bugs/exploits because its paid?

uuh, arent duping/trading bugs the fault of the DEVS, instead of the PLAYERS?

you can’t always counter everything, thats why its called an exploit
these roblox games aren’t being made by giant game studios, they’re being made by a few code junkies in their mom’s basement

duping/trading bugs are entirely the fault of the players discovering and using them

listen, i dont want any drama here, so this will be prob be my last reply.
it may also be the fault of the developers for not noticing the bugs and not fixing them, which leads to the fault of the players.

hell no,permadeath on wom,imagine farm a lot for sunken,boss items,reputation,just to perma death,bruh

obama gaming :hot_face: