Piano Sheet Music I Made

Earlier I made a topic asking if there was any piano players on this forum besides me

Ok play this

Sorry if it’s spanish on ur screen, the site itself is fine

Click “Export”, then “Full Score PDF”, then go into the PDF and print it. Then you have sheet music of this song.

If you play this thank you, it took almost 5 hours to make


  • The D.S. Al Fine means to go back to that S looking symbol in measure 17

  • If that melody at the beginning sounds familiar, tell me since it did for me to and I don’t want to accidentally copy music

  • That bell village part is intentional


Nice. I can’t even play piano though.

Lol. I’ve been playing piano for a while but can’t play this piece that well, i’ll send it to my piano teacher and idk

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The only reason I started playing piano is since our family already had a piano inherited from one of our family members

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Ah I see.

Pianos are dead expensive, no way we would’ve gotten one without

Yeah they are. Family used to have one back when we had 6 households living in the same house.

Oof. Just know if you want the printing is free and you can send it to someone or whatever

I sound like an advertiser wth

huh i might try it…

got a bunch of other piano pieces as well so who knows? might prioritize this one first

The fast part right at the beginning was very epic. Whole thing could harmonize better? I think that’s the correct word. Otherwise, good job!

you played it?

is it easy cuz i cant see it

Oh no I didn’t played it. There should be a play button on the very top left though which will play it for you. Looking at the notes though, yes it should be fairly easy for you to play.


nope pretty difficult to pick up initially

i gotta learn You Say Run and Golden Wind first-

I agree, I also like that last part before the D.S. Al Fine. It could harmonize better, I made it in a few hours. Thank you for feedback! This is the first sheet music i’ve written.

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Prioritize your real pieces first and move to this one if you want.



Np, If you want to print it, press “Export”, then save whole score as pdf, from there it will download it. Once you’re in it, just print it. I did this, it was actually decent quality for what I was expecting, since I also have an ancient printer.

It’s hard, then easy in the middle “Bell village sounding” part, then the last part is brutal

Especially because it’s 200 speed

Thanks to everyone for actually listening to this music, didn’t think it would get that much attention. I’m very happy thank you guys : D

This is actually quite good… this will be interesting to attempt…

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