Plans for AO?

bit bored so i decided to make some polls just to see plans people generally have for AO given that its at least half a year away, maybe I’ll do another poll much closer to release. I want to see what people are planning to do on release, so I’m not including anything past first awakening.

nevermind that, polls didnt work for some reason and im too lazy to troubleshoot so just tell me in the comments:

  • what build you’re going for
  • what magics or fighting styles you’ll have after first awakening (only answer if you’re using a build that incorporates the magic or strength stats
  • what weapons you’ll have (only answer if you’re using a build that incorporates the weapon stat)
  • what stats you’ll be using (power, defense, attack speed, etc.)


  • what features are you looking forward to
  • favorite island so far
  • what’ll you be spending most of your time post-release doing

this would’ve looked so much better if i had gotten the polls to work :sob:

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No life plans 2.0!!


im making at least 6 builds so im only gonna list my main one

plasma 50/50 conjurer with greatsword, flintlock, and katana. seems rlly basic but i also want to grind out my cooking skill asap, since i really enjoyed how cooking works in botw and some of the benefits seem useful

i also want to focus on farming pirates and upgrading my boat a lot

planning on getting as many headless heads as i can before it releases

Well first i will spend my time doing storyline on all of my 12 saves, then I will grind for lost/ ancient (if there are any on release) for most of my time

will try other things on other files ofc

for my main, maybe glass??? idrk tbf ill just wait until it comes out

wet sword

whatevers meta

guild reworks


infamy farming and farming items for my store

im going for the best build where you can gawk gawk 9000 someone in the maximum speed.

Spit and swallow magic is my magic

the weapon i will have is a spit sword that spits whitye stuff and makes the enemy unable to move due to the stickyness

My stats hmm more speed for gawk gawk


For my first slot i’ll be using
Water Magic (already have)
Lightning Magic or Ice Magic
For Lost magic either Storm if i choose lightning or frostmetal if i choose ice
I’ll definetly be whatever the magic + weapon one is called (conjurer i think?)
I’ll be using a bo staff (ice)/trident(lightning)
I’ll go attack speed and power because water fast
Second slot is ash magic
Ash (already have)
Magma (akainu go brr)
Fire (i am essentially a volcano)
and fist style will be impact and or thermo fist to go with the volcano theme
idk about my wind slot

bro :skull:

what being serious men why you bully me :frowning:

gawk gawk :eagle:

why not all 3?

on release


greatsword, staff, claws, maybe I’ll use morningstar if it’s any good

unless any other stats are made actually effective then probably just power and defense, i dunno maybe i’ll throw in attack speed

being able to turn the graphics up without my fps falling to 40

probably just learning the mechanics and finding the most optimal and efficient way to do things, as well as getting some of the best gear for my mains. i dont think im going to have dozens of files in ao like i do in wom. i can predict myself making a lot of files to test out different builds, but with the game having an actual update schedule i think i’ll eventually just stick to my main 2-3 files

@ThatOneGuy you the right person for welcoming?

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might as well do this as well seeing as i screwed the topic over

planning to do a warlord file as my main
probably gonna use a greatsword, poison dagger, and sunken sword
as for fighting styles i’ll stick with base combat till thermo gets added

looking forward to cat ears bigger ship types

Main file: Conjurer 60/40 (magic:weapon)
Magics: Wind, Explosion, Storm (funni troll magic for yt content)
Weapons: Greatsword, katana, claws
Stats: Main power, side defense + attk speed
Troll stats: knockback, agility

im looking forward to dark seas expeditions with my friends, and the ship customization and storyline. Also lost/ancient magics.

fav island: frostmill, the snow looks nice and creates ambience

post release, grind main file and two side files (mages with fire, lightning, earth, ice, water, and currently unknown)
then explore

was it the name thing? I bet it was the name thing :fr:

anyways, in order

  • Berserker
  • Knocking Fist & Thermo Fist
  • None, unless there is something that buffs fighting styles (like brass knuckles or smth)
  • Power and Defense, might be some other things like Agility too but we’ll see. I’ll have to really test it out.
  • Island capturing
  • Idk
  • PvP