Player professions

To sort of help vetex since he said any help is appreciated and i know there are loads of other topics out there that are doing something similar. Also pls dont say suggestion out of suggestions cos its not, its just what i think.

Auctioneer: It would probably let you like barter with different merchants or let you sell your items across other islands. Like people would come to a specific island to buy your products (a bit like WoM). It would also pop up with a notification that says “##### has arrived to buy your item example

Fishmonger: gives a special fishing rod only if you choose this role that cant be sold, dropped or traded. Has 1.2x boosts for every stat on the rod (could be changed im not really good at balancing). It would also allow access for a ice chest where you can keep fish alive for longer than 24 hours which is when they would normally turn into bones.

Merchant: Again, would be like a type of auctioneer but instead of bartering, it would allow you to sell items to npcs around the island. This would mean that selling a Ravenna set of armour to another type of island would be more beneficial than selling it to Ravenna. Adding on, it would also give a small galleon boost where if you sold items specifically to where they came from (such as armour to armourers and weapons to weaponsmiths).

Sailor: Sailor would allow you to sort of train different deckhands into what you want specifically. Such as trying to train a ram increase boost deckhand into a idk resilience deckhand. This would not only allow for a more diverse approach towards boat PVP. I guess it would also allow you to have YOUR own boost such as you having a speed increase. this would come up as a select screen when you first try and do the profession.

Bounty Hunter: not sure yet since he said if he wants this to be profession locked.


Auctioneer: you would have to go around to every auctioneer at every single island and barter with them an item of their choice. Once you do this with every single auctioneer, you would go back to the first auctioneer you bartered with, and he would ask you “You have been on a long Journey to a hard life of being an auctioneer. I believe you have the skills necessary, would you like to become an auctioneer?”

Fishmonger: Complete at least 50% of the fishdex and talk to a fishmonger, where he’ll ask you to get 1 material from each big dark sea made monster (such as white eyes or poison jaws). Then he would do the say the same thing as an auctioneer but as a fishmonger and you get a special rod as said above.

Merchant: (This is a bit tedious ik) You would have to go to every island and search for one NPC that is trying to find ???. once you find the npc and the item, you give the npc the item and they will lead you towards a merchant in limestone key, where he says that he got lost and wants him to take you to ?? (island depends it is random chance). ( A bit like a stranded person you see in the ocean). You talk to him again on land and bladi bladi merchant.

Sailor: Have to complete the entire bronze sea exploration task and have the title equipped. Then you would go to Sailors lodge, above the bar in the secret room at the top where there is the OG person who made sailors lodge. He says its the first time he’s seen someone with such perseverance and determination and ask’s you if you want to be a sailor.


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instead of saying “suggestion out of suggestions” i’ll instead say someone should move this into suggestions lol

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we are not allowed to

why not, wasn’t that something that could be done before

because then people who don’t have suggester would have their posts there anyway, it would decrease the quality control of suggestions that the role is intended to create

How does someone even get suggester anyway? I feel like letting less ppl suggest would actually make the category worse because of the lack of many ideas in there. Sure, we’re stupid, but even then the dumb ideas seem to get shot down by the community fairly quickly

it’s a pinned topic in the suggestion channel

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step 1 get trust level 2 (this step weeds out most people already)
step 2 send 2 quality suggestions to the suggestions staff, and wait for them to review

Not bad, process seems relatively easy and straightforward

yall are arguing about suggestor role but i just want to know if theyre a good idea and if theres anything to improve on :sob: