Players failing the skill issue test (deepwoken part 1)

Point out every mistake they make during speaking “fax”

why did i even click on this i don’t play deepwoken i don’t have the cash for deepwoken


Ur on AO forums, 80% of people is biased against deep and has failed the check numerous times already


midwoken is 60% RNG and 40% the deep

They are bad, that was their first mistake.

deepwoken seems like a “fun” game tho it fucks it up the perma death and the obnoxious rng

Shut up bro, if you hate perma death then don’t play it. Cause obviously roguelites/rougelikes are not for you. You can’t shit on a game for its genre and a feature it’s meant to have like many other games that have permanent death. And rng is a big factor is every rouge game so you can’t be talking.

roguelike pvp sounds like a disaster in general tbh


very toxic

Especially in roblox. Yet dw somehow made a ok system so that’s cool.

It’s better than rogue’s system at least. That’s all I can say.

Did not play rouge so idk

Deepwoken permadeath is not the same as any roguelike I’ve ever seen.
I’ve watched and enjoyed several roguelike games and I plan on getting more, there’s a good bunch of good ones out there.

Deepwoken is just an RPG game with a permadeath mechanic slapped on since that’s rag’s signature or whatever you’d call it.
It isn’t incorporated into gameplay in any way outside of taking you to a different area every second death.

This would be fine except somebody decided this was a good idea in a pvp game where runs can last days instead of hours.

I get the feeling that your only experience with roguelikes is deepwoken.
(its not a good starting point)

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If anything this game is a rougelite because there is still a form of metaprogression. And I guess the devs tried to make the game more “realistic” with permadeath and make it strive more toward a rouge game, but the permadeath in my opinion is necessary.

That’s just part of the game man idk what to say. It’s supposed to be multi-player and pvp so I guess it makes sense for the runs to be longer then a couple hours.

I have played other rougelikes/rougelites (not rouge lineage stfu)

Opinion and “necessary” don’t fit in the same sentence.
Neither do mechanics that exist just for the sake of existing in games.

Lets take into consideration that DW and RL are the only two games that I’ve ever heard of that does this.
RL has existed for years and DW has been hyped up for years.

If its such a good and enjoyable design, why doesn’t anybody else do it?

Which ones, genuinely curious?

Bro I’m just saying what I think


Hades, Risk of rain 2. I want to play hollow knight but I’m debating if I should get it or not. Also may I just add Risk of Rain 2 is an amazing game.

Hollow knight isn’t a roguelike but its still a damn good game.

Hades and RoR2 are also damn good games.

If you expect Mr to get into a debate, then don’t. I have no form of intelligence whatsoever

Straight facts

Did not know this but cool

You heard of unexplored 2?
Its a top down roguelike that does permadeath in a really unique way that lets it work with the insanely long ‘run’ times without just ignoring the mechanic.

Absolutely massive map and the whole thing is procedurally generated.

Noita is also a damn good game.