Please stop... in all seriousness, stop

ok here’s some context,

i have jsut started me lightning conj build to redeem myself for my first failed attempt (i got savant), and i wanted to get some exotic scrolls for my recently obtained sunken chestpiece, but i had no brig to go to the dark sea. so after weeks of cargo and saving up i got to 15k, wanting to continue my cargo to double my profit, i bought a ketch and did sum more cargo, but while loading in the cargo , a guy comes up to me and kills me right there, i lost 2000 galleons and another 1000 after getting killed 4 times. i tried switching servers, he finds me, i try reasoning with him, still kills me.

so please, vetex, all i ask for is this, if a player with fame tries to attack another player with fame, there should be some sort of friendly fire disabled, and reduce the amount of galleons we lose getting killed, some of us have lives and getting 20k is already a month worth of work. or maybe just remove the galleon dropping feature entirely.

witchhunting, get proof and get his ass banned.


as for this, though, get as far away from cargo as you can and instead focus on treasure charts, sealed chests, diving spots, and seling reagents.

One frostmill chart can land you 4 or 5 arctic crystals that all sell for 100 galleons and its one of the big three common chart locations.

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Also be a villain, you can steal cargo and sell it for the same profit

downsides of fame:
“players can’t randomly kill”

-vetex somewhere

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I can get behind this honestly, dropping galleons on death and getting them taken from you is probably one of the least fun features in the game.


Theoretic had some rlly good pointers I’d take up his advice if I were you, If I were to add to this join some friends so that they can help you in situations like this, add me @FridgeUchiha on discord if u you can’t find anyone to play with or to help you.

I appreciate your advice bro

ok cool

removing the losing galleons penalty would make pvp more fun

as someone who doesnt care about fame anymore, it would be fun to actually fight people anywhere without losing money

Against it as killing players is the fastest way to cash farm for me

You should’ve left after he killed you for the first time, the money loss is your fault. Also try looking for servers with mostly non max lvl players or people with low pks that probably wouldn’t have an incentive to rk you.

Also small tip for brig grinding, it’s not hard to get at all. I got a brig in under 10 hours and was quite literally unable to buy it because of the level lock (brig needing lvl 120 to buy). What you have to do is get a new save, do story until frostmill and don’t discover any islands, afterwards just do frostmill charts until you have enough arctic crystals and gems to sell for 20k.

They were chasing them through servers

how lol.
how do you get money from killing players faster than doing literally anything else.

being good at pvp :+1:

In the two or three days I spent grinding for the Brig, I was attacked three times. The first time was while loading my Caravel with cargo. The second time was while transporting six thousand galleons of cargo. The third time was by a FORTIFIED PIRATE KETCH.

We’ll talk about the first time later, but the second time, I was sailing along and someone who had a Brig slowly drifted over to me, so I steered away as to not hit them, just to be safe. Then, I hear a fuse light. Cannonballs rain down from the skies, and panic struck through my fingers. I wanted to tell him to stop but the best thing I could type out was literally “bro.”
Anyways, the guy was super cringe. Said something about becoming the most evil Arcane Odyssey player. When I told him I had 6,000 galleons of cargo on my ship, he didn’t really care.

The third time, I had literally JUST left Ravenna and a Fortified Pirate Ketch had locked on to me after spawning in. I had no other choice but to run, since I hadn’t upgraded my Caravel at all. I did try to sink a few boats before, but the battle ended up lasting over 40 minutes, since my Caravel was so slow, so I decided it would be better to just keep sailing and hope they get caught in a whirlpool.
The best thing that could’ve ever happened to me came next: Sailing past Sailor’s Lodge, I saw a Brig, painted blue and yellow: The Navy.
Checking the playerlist, there was someone in the server who was in the Navy, don’t remember what rank, but I knew they had a better chance than me.
Desperate, I cried out for help in the chat, and thank God they decided to help, because that would have been another 6,000 galleons down the drain. I salute you, unnamed soldier.

And then the second time, the most interesting of all. Please note, I had only like… 2,000 fame or so—I wasn’t even worth fighting. 2 players come down to my boat in Ravenna, while I’m unloading yet another 6,000 galleons of cargo from Redwake, and one of them—a weapons user, attacks me. I decide not to attack him, since my magic was still weak (I was using poison and I hadn’t done anything with my stats). Regardless, he kills me like 4 times and I lose about 1600 galleons, plus whatever cargo I was carrying when I died, since it just seems to… disappear. Now, my spawn was pretty close to my boat, so on the fourth time I thought, “Okay, he’s clearly not stopping, so I have no choice but to at least deny him from getting on my ship or near the shipwright.” I cast the 20x poison beam spell that EVERY poison user has and COVER my ship and the shipwright in poison clouds. Then, I decide to start attacking the player who was attacking me as well. As a complete fucking surprise, the guy just… dies??? Like, I kill him? And that was like… the last thing I expected. Like, he didn’t put up a fight at all, and here I was thinking that you’d have to be pretty powerful to just waltz up to someone and start murdering them and stealing your money, but apparently no, he wasn’t strong at all. So, I reclaim a small amount of my galleons, and decide to attack his friend. I need to get my money back, after all.

But his friend was like… I swear he had Observation Haki or something. He perfectly parried every single explosion, beam, and blast I threw at him, and moved with the finest precision and agility I’d ever seen.
He just acted cool and said “Hey, bud, calm down.”
what the fuck am i supposed to say to that
i don’t

ya’ll gotta stop doing cargo, there’s better and less risky ways to get money.

like what
also wtf

selling reagents is quite profitable.

300 per pk
and the fact that they swarm you with numbers makes it easier