[Poll] Should you be able to change your magic/minds?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t Care

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Yes though I do not think it should be free. I have a suggestion in mind but I will save that for when #suggestions are opened


not sure tbh

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Personally no because it should be a permanent decision
the only exceptions being lost/ancient magics because how else would you get those


sorry had to remake the poll so previous votes are gone

While I am all too much for permanent choices I do not think Magic has to be one of them.

Firstly the magic just may not click with your playstyle. Magics definitely operate differently from one another and the magic you chose may not just click with you.

Nothing else in this game is permanent too. Fighting styles, weapons, techniques, spells. All can be adopted and forgotten. But not magic. This stands out and may lead people to approach it way more cautiously or be hesitant to try new things but this just my opinion and I am ending this now cause I gotta get back to work :frpensive:


maybe with lost magic sure, since their ancient equivalent wont come for like another 5 years or so

At first, I said magic should be permanent. Then, I read this, and I thought about it. All the other things can easily be changeable with little to no consequence, but not magic. This should be something that’s addressed. Now, I’m not entirely sure

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Here’s my two cents

If you are playing a half-mage file, and you pick lightning magic- and Vetex updates shadow magic (like he says he is going to), if you want it on your main file, you are kinda boned. On the later seas, when new fighting styles and weapons get added, Weapons and fighting style players will have allll kinds of options to mess around and have fun until they find something that they find works for them, and if they get bored of that? No problem, they can just swap out to other things.

Magic is just… stagnant. Outside of lost spells it will have no way for the player to change or spice up what they are doing. Which is why I’m 90% sure pure mage builds are gonna be incredibly rare.

I brought this up before- Magic should be changeable. It should, but not easily. Fighting Style people have to earn a change (Paying crowns, having minimum strength requirement, mastery), Weapons users have to meet a stat requirement and actually GET the weapon in the first place, so Mages should have to do something along those lines.

It could be a pretty sought after marketable item, a nice cornerstone of the games higher tier economy, a rare, valuable sought after commodity that gives incentive to trade. One time use item to change your magic in your primary or secondary slot. If people think there should be some, penalty or drawback or additional requirements beyond that that’s fine, I just think Magic should have the option to play around a bit with what they are doing. Starting an entirely different file because halfway through the game you find out your magic isn’t for you can be a serious demotivator.


it depends

i can definitely see this being taken advantage of by metamancers who just want to use the strongest build

it’s also good for it to be permanent because picking your magic wouldn’t just be “oh i can always change it later”, and it’s actually an important decision you need to take when creating a character

on the other end its annoying for players who have changed their mind and genuinely want to choose another magic without having to create a new save file

every other build also has the ability to just change whichever fighting style or weapon they want so i cant see why magic users should be restricted

personally i think it would be cool if you could change your magic, but there’s a rare scroll which allows you to do so, and you have a limit of like 1 magic change per save file. (if you’re so indecisive that you need more then you really need to pick a magic for good)

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I can get behind this, id push it to one change per mind even

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Yes, at a cost. No everyone would want to grind a new account through the story and levels just to use a new starter magic. Although this could also cause issues everyone switching to meta magics over time which results in less diversity.

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This is why I think a scroll drop system would be appropriate. If it was like fighting styles it’d be easy to just ‘swap to the best one’, but magic should be harder than that. With scrolls, it’s a like 1/18 chance to get one you need, so you’ll likely have to buy one on the open auction market- and you can bet your rear end that meta magics will cost you a pretty penny since everyone and their mother will want it. It could end up being a self-regulating problem. If meta magics are too expensive to switch to people might just take their second or third pick- more affordable options.


I, too, can get behind this. It allows for picking a magic to keep its meaning, but it also allows me to not have to reset a whole file to switch 1 magic.

That or make it robux (as monetisation is important for the creator). Although a lot of people may disagree with me on this one. Either that or limit the magic changes to either a rare non-tradable drop like you said or just limit each file to 1 change with maybe an extra change per anniversary etc.

You meant monetization right



I hope so.

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Thank God.

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