Popularity among magics

I think it’s pretty clear that more magics are popular than others. While magics are nearly completely balanced it’s pretty clear that some magics are more favored than others.

What’re some of the more popular/favorite magics you see? What are some of the least popular/used ones? Why do people favor some magics over the others? Is there any way to bring unpopular magics into popularity?

Personally I like to think Lightning, Fire, Plasma, Ash, Magma, and Explosion are popular magics. Iron, Earth, Wood, Snow, and Sand are the least popular. I think some magics are favored because of familiarity, but that doesn’t really explain ash, so I also think that the meta plays a role in what people favor more. I don’t think there is a clear way to bring unpopular magics into popularity without buffing them in some way, which I honestly don’t want. The game is pretty balanced as it is. Maybe the other magics will rise in popularity with the addition of second magics.

What do you guys think? What are some answers to the questions I propose.


When the second element comes all the Lightning people are going to get Water and kill all the other popular elements.

Magma is pretty common, too.

Hahahaha. Yeah, I can see that. Magma is pretty common but I see those other ones far more, namely lightning. I’ve found only 3 magma users. I’ll add it to the list though since it’s more common than say, water and crystal.

WoM meta


Did you actually expend a custom wild card for that

For magics, what is the meta? Strong class rates? Overall good stats? I know some magics are in the meta but what are those magics? DoT? Ones that deal more damage to bleeding targets?

no that’s someone else’s image that I edited with MS Paint

Generally, fast magics with DoT are considered meta, but hyperfast magics like Light and Lightning also see common use.

k thx

I think that you can bring unpopular magics in use by a visual rework. We don’t need to buff them at all but for some, iron, earth, and wood are not appealing to use. We can see this in the beam attacks.

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some magics just sound strong, nobody will think wood element is strong, its just a log, magma sounds like it can burn stuff and explosions explode things, what can a log do? people favor strong sounding elements because stronk

Like what Mariana said

some people would think wood is a weak element like do you expect throwing a paper to be hurt? (well in WoM yeah)
because familiarity people choose what are common in pop culture than other’s

Poo-poo beam go brrr

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Just remove Shadow (It’s literal Horse Shit lol, and I even use it) and replace it with Magma and you’ve got a spot-on meme.

shadow in the meta my ass bro I use shadow but it’s in no way meta lmao

Idk if shadow is meta or not but it has some good stats. All it’s stats are above average, which makes up for it’s lack of DoT. Only magic comparable to it is Plamsa, which is only comparable to it because of it’s DoT. I don’t got Shadow but I think I like it.

Shadow has decent stats, but it doesn’t have some kind of stand-out feature. Magma and fire have their DoT, poison and ash have DoT over an area, lightning and light are super fast, iron and gold do a ton of initial damage, explosion has the most destructiveness, glass and paper have bleed damage, water and ink dispel a lot of magics, etc. I think its biggest problem is that it doesn’t really partner well with other magics, meaning that it’ll be hard to find a suitable second magic for it.

probably will with darkness and death tho

Explosion, Plasma, Fire, And Lightning are the ones that come to mind.

It’s a good standalone magic. It has the best stats, with every being above average (and speed being far above average). It’s like all the stat points for this magic went into raw stats and not secondary affects.