Potential comic / story...?

so like I had a discussion about alien contact and I decided to make a story plot based on some stuff from this thread: Aliens are weird - #27 by CrimsonCreate


so this story takes place in an alternate universe to our current earth, maybe like 10 years in the future idk but basically this earth and our earth is the exact same.

the only difference in this AU is in a neighboring solar system, where I can describe it as “the aliens found us”

these aliens, (race name yet to be determined) are like what I could imagine to be a weird mix of a demogorgon, a pangolin, and like some insect, basically find earth, don’t care, and then 300 years later are in complete shock at how fast we evolved.

we only get more interesting for them as they decide to look into our culture more, to them we’re a rabbit hole of action and heroes, villains and romance, and all kinds of wild stuff.
(to put it short, they kind of become like weird secret admirers)

for humans, we don’t really know what is happening, and life continues as normal, typical stuff like elon musk buying twitter and NFTs being a main focal point for internet mockery.

that is until, they decide to get to know us a bit “better”

and then the abductions and missing persons reports roll in!

I guess it begins snowballing there but heres like the starter idk maybe I will make a comic on this if i am not lazy.

also this is not like coding really so I think I could make this work


also this takes place in america bc only aliens know america exist lol

hmmmmmmmm. Honestly the U.S has the biggest army in the world so it makes sense for a wary alien race to pay attention to it.

when the funny apes start using nuclear weaponry and its only been less than 300 years: