Potion/Brewing System Plans

you cant get more than two effects at once. though the healing effect will likely be excluded


“Hello Potion Seller. I’m going into battle, but i want your strongest potions.” - Traveler

“My potions are too strong for you, Traveler.” - Potion Seller

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“Potion Seller, enough of this games.” - Traveler
“I’m going into batle, and I need your strongest potions.” - Traveler

“My strongest potions will kill you Traveler.” - Potion Seller
“You better go to seller that sells weaker potions!” - Potion Seller

“Potion Seller, I’m telling you right now.” - Traveler
“I am going into battle, but i need only your strongest potions.” - Traveler

“You can’t handle my strongest potions!” - Potion Seller
“No one can!” - Potion Seller
“My strongest potions are fit for a beast, let alone a man!” - Potion Seller

“Well then that’s it Potion Seller.” - Traveler
“I’ll go elsewhere.” - Traveler
“I’ll go elsewhere for my potions and I’ll never come back!” - Traveler

“GOOD!” - Potion Seller
“You’re not welcome here.” - Potion Seller
“My potions are only for the strongest and you clearly are not of the strongest” - Potion Seller
“You’re clearly of the weakest.” - Potion Seller

“You’ve had your say Potion Seller but I’ll have mine.” - Traveler
“You’re a rascal.” - Traveler
“You’re a rascal with no respect for knights!” - Traveler
“No respect for anything. Except your potions! :cry:” - Traveler

“Why respect knights?” - Potion Seller
“When my potions can do anything that you can?” - Potion Seller
(Traveler scared)

Traveler's Bizarre Adventure [Potion Seller’s Bizarre Adventure REMASTERED] - YouTube

I hope not that would be so lame. Feel like it would incite something terrible like the infamy thing all over again just on a lesser scale

Did the math, there is 8500 different potions :skull:

its a love story, just say yes

Jesse We Need To Cook



Who is reiko?

an artist who might’ve made some… questionable material related to iris at one point


It seems like he may have made a mistake informing him

this is a masterpiece though


I remember that it was amazing

best way to get lost magic scrolls in sealed chests :skull:

I mean resetting your stat points just means you have to redistribute them, it’s not outright mass murder

add the imposter potion that makes you have an amogus mesh for an avatar

drink a luck potion right before giving the shipwright your sealed chests

mmmmm yes. Can’t wait to summon sharks making the water deadly to anyone who enters. Also increased spawn rate means increased white-eyes chance.