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Hey Random, do you think it’d matter at all if we add all the places you can find cauldrons? I know where roughly all of them are at this point. (I’ll say it here in case you agree)

Ravenna - Next to Rasna Alchemist, Next to Rubica Alchemist
Cirrius Island - Next to Alchemist’s shop
Sailors Lodge -On a slab of Stone next to the Auction
Palo Town - Next to the Alchemist
Limestone Key - Next to the Tents set up by the statue
Redwake - At the top of the cliff next to the chiefs throne, where the path to the right that leads up ends.
Frostmill - First floor of enizors tower
Whitesummit - Next to alchemist? (Unsure)
Forest of Cernunno - Near the bridge that leads into the cultist encampment

Please add any I missed I don’t have a lotta time to check these right now.

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Great idea, added a framework for the table and some cauldron locations.

Information from vetex on how potency works, will post this in Reminders probably as well:

That would literally be complete cancer and also completely pointless, idk what you mean by fun

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after you find the tier 2 now the potion is eternally complete and you have access to highest tier + have no need to try to explore to find it again

Reagents are one time uses, they’re consumed when you make the potion

yes, but you still can make every tier of a potion by just finding the second reagent

The only t2 reagent we know of is lurker eyes and they are literally the rarest in game item rn

You can only make 4-5 with tier 2, and you need more of them for tier 5. I don’t see how 3 reagents would be better than 2, seems like more of a hassle for no reason at all.

Thanks, plopped in the Munera garden one and one I found at Fort Talos

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didn’t there used to be tier 3 reagents



Probably a mistake again, vet has told me directly there aren’t t3 reagents

aight ty

Added the Imbuement potions with Gel as the only type.

Found some sneakier cauldrons that are now in the list. I am pretty sure I got all but the most well hidden cauldrons now.

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Before anyone makes large edits, I’ll add the new info from trello

There is now a column for the description of the potion AND the actual effect in game (Fill this one out when update drops)

Also if anyone is really annoyed by my lazy formatting and inconsistency, feel free to polish it up, I’ll do it later if nobody does it first.

There is one in the ASS base