Powerscaling forums

title says it all

bottom text

The average is probably below average human level, since most people here are kids or probably unathletic


I by myself am a solar system level entity

Type XXX on the Kardashev scale


i’m nothing more than bones and brains

I’m literally ice


i am

memetic tier be like

except [insert person’s name here cause i dont remember], that guy’s fcking ripped

sadly I’m just bread :bread:

You know, there was one time i tried becoming off topic president, you need be kinda powerful for that

oh no i’m just a traffic cone

Unrated, my power ascends all comprehensibility, I name and create gods of multiverses.

Also like.

I’m sandal lmao.

Bottom line needs to be just existing

What we doing pfp or somthing?

I box, that’s gotta put me above at least 90% of forumers

we dont live human lives

omega is on the winning scale (idk how powerscaling works)

are we talking about our pfp? random ass stickmin, im sure he could put up a good fight