Predict what the meta will be

Paper, Ink, and Gold are better

Magma needs double everything to compete with magics such as shadow

Fr magma underpowered

I died to a paper/ink/gold Warden yesterday they were so OP, vetex needs to balance this game

warlock winning hehehehaw

what if, lets say, hypothetically,
I use water magic ?

hear me out guys… but like… what if… hypothetically…
I use shadow magic…


and thermo fist

thats an interesting idea !

I think it’s worth considering :face_with_monocle:

yea !

this seawater taste kinda funny

seawater ramen (disgust)

after 1.12 the meta will almost definitely be weapon builds. the nerfs to mages and (depending on how it’s added) jewel socketing will give them a large buff

I will say
mages in lower bracket

More specifically, warlord

I feel like magma is really underpowered in its current state, low damage, extremely slow, and overall it’s easy to see ya know…
I feel like it at least needs to have its speed doubled to even be close to being viable, otherwise it’s just not worth using

sure man, just casually dealing 352 dmg while hitting the ground + burn

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all heavy magics are meta rn

probably conjurers, especially if they have magics that go with bleed without removing it.

same goes for the entire thread :frpensive: