Prevent players from bounty hunting players that are 5 levels or more below their own level

Prevent players from bounty hunting players that are 5 levels or more below their own level
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Low level players give a high fame reward when bounty hunted while also being very easy to defeat due to lack of power. For example a level 125 player could steamroll a level 90 player for the reward.

This is a massive issue, the level 90 player feels like they got killed unfairly and the level 125 didn’t face any challenge for the bounty reward


Prevent players from taking wanted posters for players(not npcs) who are 5 levels or more below the hunter’s level. While it wont in itself eliminate the issue of unbalanced bounty hunts the hunted player would have more of a chance to survive the encounter.

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sounds like a skill issue that they’re at a high bounty then


probably got that high bounty anyway because they cheesed that one dood. :skull:


Just got contract hunted by a max level assasin syndicate member while being level 61 and having around 1k fame, this needs to be ingame.

Ngl thats their fault for having a bounty while im in the server, they can go cry about it

heros voting no to this suggestion when they realize the exact same thing can happen to them

This would be so stupid when level cap gets raised, also if the same thing happens to me then I dont need to have a tantrum about it lol, if they robbed me then they robbed me my fault for being ass at the game

the whole idea thing is reasonable, but 5 levels is too much. maybe 15 or 20?

Yeah I could stomp someone 5 levels above me but 20 levels above is too much

5 levels is far too small of a difference and would effectively remove the mechanic from the game unless you’re at max level UNLESS you’re the bounty hunter, in which case you will have to exclusively hunt people likely far stronger than you.
It doesn’t really make that much sense either, as nothing stops you from bounty hunting npc’s who are level 20 when you’re level 125.
The most reasonable solution to not getting bounty hunted is to not get too high of a bounty, or to get good at evading the good guys trying to put you in prison for theft and murder.
People are fine with bounty just causing the occasional ship of easy kill marines coming after them, but start crying when somebody actually fit for the job comes to claim that bounty.

I think it’d just be better if being a criminal didn’t suck, tbh.

5 lvl gap… dude you might kill player bounty hunting if this is implemented in AO. Sometimes you may find no players to hunt on the server with this.

POV: you shoot merlot through the wall and now people are after you because your bounty and level are incredibly disproportionate


not the max player’s fault that the low level player abused the high bounty glitch to get an insanely high bounty. thats the punishment if their skill level doesnt match their bounty

That’s not the issue, there’s been times where max level or players close to max level hunt down players with like 5k fame/bounty for literally no reason at all, it even happened to my friend and I while we were at djin ruins.

a simple solution: run/log. i hunt players with bounty with less than 1k renown to practice pvp

Tbh i don’t get why people are hating on this suggestion since it is very unfair to the player that’s being hunted, also, you NEED high renown to get things like deckhands so saying “just don’t have high renown” is stupid. I do agree that 5 levels is a little too excesive and would make it very hard to hunt players considering there is only 17 other players AT MOST.

I’m genuinely trying to pirate hunt/do the story, why should I be forced to leave if I’m just trying to play the game.

Maybe, just maybe you’d have an argument if the level restriction was a 10% or 15% below their own level to account for future levels (the planned level cap is 1000, it is reasonable if I want to be able to hunt someone who is level 994; currently with the 125 level cap things are more condensed, meaning each level can mean a lot more than it will later on).

whats so hard about server hopping