Primordial of Scorch : Ammit the Eater of Hearts

part of the Ancient Magic Elementals (Primodials) (Open Art Collab), dm if inferested in joining

  • credits to @Rlka for color palette
  • credits to @wmdrayal for Magic Circle

Speedpaint (maybe be loud)


Alternative Titles

  • Devourer of the Dead
  • Great of Death
  • Divine Retribution
  • The Soul Eater
  • Evil of the Pit


  • Cerberus


Said to reside in the Underworld in the River Styx, she is the elder sister to Chimera (though she is also referred to as a three-headed male dog named Cerberus). Ammit works alongside Anubis in weighing the scales of people’s hearts against one of Sìfènghuáng’s feathers. Should the heart be found heavier the lost soul would then be bound by a weight anchored to them by chains of Magic and rolled into the river of fiery green flame to be eternally restless until devoured by Ammit. Even those clever enough to slip the bonds of fate have little chance of salvation as she pursues them relentlessly. Her hunting prowess on land is as proficient as the River, meaning escape to the salvation and immortality promised and granted by Anubis is all but impossible for the damned of the River.

She is described as having the head of a crocodile, the forequarters of a lion, and the hindquarters of a hippo; a combination of some of the largest “Man-Eaters” known to exist. Her teeth are long and narrow like her jaw to quickly snap up and ensnare writhing souls within her maw with little chance of escape. Her breath is as fiery as her mane, which blazes a bright green like that of her breath while a powerful tail made for efficient swimming drags behind.


He’s already taken my heart :flushed:



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Ammit is green
i like green
therefore, i simp

you know what fck it im gonna go full green with my mage file

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Yummy hearts

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oh I love Egyptian monsters they’re so fun (they’re all furries)

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ammit is a proper animal but yes they all have animal heads (or in Ma’at’s case wings, which is funnt bc ostriches don’t fly)

oh and also Anubis will be here as well, bur he’s just gonna be a regular golden wolf (kind of)

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look at her go!

it’s beautiful :cry:

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truly magnificent

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Oh so its portal knights first boss?
Just attack his tail to stun him lol

for values + contrast

It literally gave me the idea to call that beast the hell keeper

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This gives off a much quieter vibe for some reason. Overall, your art’s amazing (like always).

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wym quieter lul

big thankie

scorch is real ancient magic???

nvm aether lightning, 110% getting those hot green flames

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Oh hey it’s from Egyptian mythology

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