"Properly Designed Female White Eyes doesn't exis-"

Long story short, someone was trying to make one as well but I gotta be quicker (I’ll probably do some more changes to the design in the future if I feel like it) :hungry:

EDIT: Her name is going to be Ari


THEYRE SO SILLY AND CUTE :purple_heart::purple_heart: (complete sentence)


ohh my goodness gracious

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sandpaper skin…

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Woahh, the details on the design are immaculate!! Sasuga Ackoo


Never cook again (good art tho)


Now color it and it will be amazing!

all those details are so good

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if it get more than 600 views, you will regret again right?

Okay, this looks genuinely good, plus stylish clothes that also covers more of the body so it fits my tastes.

Keep cooking, chef.

I can fix her

Female Great White Eyes if this post got more than 300 views :hungry:
(cant do the magic a second time with 1k views…)

The silliest of sharks

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You forgor to give her a jetpack, canon-wise she should be able to fly


oh my…gy…oh my…holy…oh…oh…

good god

MY NEMESIS… I WILL PREVAIL… (im lazy to draw my version rn lol)

Omgomgomgomfomgomfomgomg furry monster girl whire eyes im shiddint and cooking and fordig

im killing you
im killing you with a gun

This is so much better than the other attempts at making her sexual. Love me some proper ladies art

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