PSA: Good luck if a mod falsely bans you :)

eesh maybe quotas aren’t the best motivation for mods then since it could lead to them wanting to brush people off asap

The mods now have your house address and your family members names

Open to any mod friend requests


this is bogos. why can’t you take 2 seconds out of your life to just remove the name then or smth. it really ain’t that hard

why would they want to spend any real effort in ensuring a good job when they can just shrug me off and call it a day to reach quotas quicker



I got false banned, asked for evidence, and they denied it.

reminds me situation where i got banned in AA and they declined my request.
took me 2 years to make another appeal and it got accepted only to later on get abused by 2 admins who were never punished and banned me again, unlucky for them i’ve recorded it everything and got unbanned again. Good game times :ok_hand:

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Moderation is genuinely an embarrassment in AO, gotta be one of the worst parts of the game hands down

  • Farming Kai and didn’t clip your ban for hitting 120 too fast? Permabanned with no chance of appeal.
  • Farming bounty via stopping executions and get clipped / SS’d? Even though it’s not in the rules, temp ban and Renown reset.
  • Someone in your guild is involved in or used a duplication exploit? You get permabanned, not appealable due to ‘association’.

Mind-numbingly terrible moderation in this game. Never play without clip software, and try your best to get a contact in the mod team you can rely on.


i thought you get a second chance atleast, but the next time you get banned you need video evidence then.


that goofy

and on top of that you have to keep in mind tap only got unbanned because he knows a mod, can you imagine being a normal player who barely interacts with the community, gets banned for no reason and the mods won’t even double check the ‘‘evidence’’?? they even said he’s ‘‘already asked’’ for the nonexistant clip when this is the first ticket about it?

considering the fact they banned the wrong guy and think they already talked to him they must be extremely disorganised

vetex clearly cares about his game, i wouldn’t hesitate to say he put more work effort and time into his game then 99% of current roblox devs combined, and i respect him and love his work but how is he letting this seemingly uncaring unorganised unapologetic mod team ruin the experience of so many people who just wanna play the game :neutral_face:

getting unbanned is the best outcome but like what happened to terry there’s no doubt in my mind that people are still getting hit with unreasonable bans for nothing and getting the ‘‘you did nothing wrong but there’s nothing i can do man’’ reply from a mod,

just seems insane to me that your two options in this scenario is get a bailout from a friend you know who’s a mod or lose all your data, your slots, your hours of fishing progress and chest farming and have to start over like terry did


my co got permabanned for hitting 120 too fast , only got him unbanned because I know Misinput. just insane how bad moderation is as it stands

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these 2 things specifically seem ridiculous as well, I understand that they are a problem and they break the game and should be removed immediately but punishing players for a developmental oversight seems bizarre, especially when it’s not even stated in game anywhere to be something you can get banned or tempbanned for

if it’s really a gamebreaking problem a bandage update would be fine till the next major one where he can fix the issue properly eg gaining bounty from freeing a player being exclusive for the first time it happens, or removing/reducing the xp reward you get from bosses temporarily then 2 weeks or so later he can introduce more permanent solutions for these issues,

they seem to think it’s common sense that you would be banned for helping someone raise their bounty by letting them free you over and over but why would the average player even assume that it’s a bannable offence? same with cheesing a boss for easy levels why are people getting hit with bans for that?

tldr: instead of leaving these abusable mechanics in the game they should add quick bandage updates for these issues and stop tempbanning players for developmental oversights


yep 2 people in my guild hit with the same brick wall that is the AO mod team

tap got lucky tho at least, he would’ve lost 1000+ hours of progress without (redacted)'s help

Honestly how the hell does this even happen? How tf would a mod look at a report someone made, and then ban the dude that sent the report?? Plus the whole not showing evidence thing should absolutely be abolished after this cause what the fuck

sadly there’s no actual reason other then wanting to hit your mod quota and rushing through reports :man_facepalming: to me it seems like implementing a quota for mods may be a detriment to the whole community but on the other hand they might just ignore reports otherwise :man_shrugging: it’s hard to figure out which mods care about going through reports and which ones just want a fancy title in game

exactly and if that mod took 30 fucking seconds to look at his ‘‘evidence’’ himself tap wouldn’t have needed to ask (redacted) to do the modteams work for them :neutral_face: S tier moderation

and like? just blank the players name out? half assed excuse imo

my guy i wanted to censor names but whatever

the association thing depends on the case, i’ve seen cases where the leader is also sharing the same exploits with the exploiting guild member and another one where the leader is actively ganking people with the help of a kill aura guild member

i fix rn dw kid

editing videos takes time, video editing software and knowledge