Pupper names final vote

female aussie sheph mini (black merle)

doggo næm
  • Avani (Vani) : “the good Earth” ; Sanskrit origin
  • Tiamat (Tia) : female babylonian dragon goddess whose body was split to make the Earth and sky
  • Petra : “rock; stone” ; Greek origin
  • Mira : “admirable; peace; female ruler; ocean” ; Latin origin
  • Zinnia : “Zinn’s flower” ; cool pokémon character hehe

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for a little bit of extra info, the names are all based around themes of “Earth” since my last dogs were named Sunni and Luna kekek

Why isn’t nina tucker an option :pensive:

mira or petra sound like the easiest/best names in terms of just saying it out loud
still up to you but I’d say go with one of those two

It’s between Avani and Petra. Avani sounds sort of Indian with the “Av” at the beginning. I think Avani sounds a bit better, but Petra fits the dog a bit more. When I read Mira I thought of Mira HQ.

It would only be reasonable for el doggo to be named the first choice since your first two dogs were named after the sun and moon in my opinion

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mira is a good name because it makes me think about among us
but the name zinnia sounds awesome

just name her “dog”

haha no


not taking name suggestions

“name suggestion the dog”


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aw look that dog loves the idea


Your dog gives me “Petra” vibes. Imma go to bed now tho.

damn the mushroom looking happy


hes so happy with my amazing name ideas hes crying