Pvp is more skill dependant than before

That’s the main problem, you can’t attack without getting punished and are constantly chasing them
While they can spam attacks with next to no repercussions

Hopefully pvp gets more grounded next update and people stay on the fucking ground more

Reflexes were both the best and worst addition to the game, great for getting around the place but a nightmare for any combat encounters

idk what ur point is

i actually agree and am in full support of nerfing the dodge reflex, but that doesn’t change my point of pvp being more skill dependent lol

you can’t just say “just parry lol” when countering meta builds

you also have a reflex dodge it’s an even playing field just keep up with them

yes you can

you also have a reflex how can your attacks be punishable if ur saying theirs aren’t punishable

ya, atleast in 1.11-1.13 while the meta was painful, even that was atleast punishable, now not even non meta classes can get punished, does that sound fun to hope u predicted ur opponent and start spamming shit before they reflex or to out dps them?

why not, near the end of 1.11 i got pretty good to parry metal mage attacks (and bassically dealing no dmg) and take advantage of the endlag, bc guess what, running towards someone and making a self explosion isnt smart

it doesnt fix the issue, most of the dmg that i deal doesnt even deserved, press one button after every attack and im fine, same as other people, press one button and ur safe, atleast the other metas forced u to not run away.

that not even true, everyone reflexes after endlag, what people are u even fighting?

thinking about ur attacks is punishable bc of reflexes, it doesnt matter that i save on ability to use it when i parry someone or to do a combo, they can just reflex away, incase u didnt realize, its all chaos and randomness, is he gonna reflex back, front, left, right, spam his shit, when u have a plan ur trying to do it on the right time and to follow the plan, which usually leaves u somewhat predictable, like jeez i wonder what this guy with the vindicator in his hand running towards me is gonna do, do u see it? its predictable and bc of that easily dodgeable or easily punishable

If you don’t see my point, then I don’t see the point of this dialogue.

if you parry the first metal pulsar pulse the other ones come slow enough where u end up blocking them instead
even if you somehow magically parried all the pulsar pulses ur still a sitting duck for them to use placed explosions and beams on you
u must’ve fought some pretty ass metamancers

leaderboard players

then reflex after them…


the atk spd/agility stat in question…

unfortunately you do need a good amount of atk speed to keep up in this meta but people with high agility have to sacrifice another stat for that agility so it’s usually much easier to out damage trade them

that’s if you can even damage them in the first place

depends on how high they spec into agility, at the 400+ levels even 8 more agility comes at a cost of like 30 power

Bro as long as t jump exsists it’ll always be more advantagous to be in the air than the ground… its a core mechanic of the game
Same thing with reflexes it shoudn’t be nerfed cuz people are too shit at the game to learn how to aim.

real the balance change we’ve needed all along

another necropost to add to the collection

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