Pvp should be optional

Pvp not being optional is dumb infamy as a whole. I am currently level 90 but when I was a level 45, People grinded me for infamy so much for infamy that I discontinued guilds. Why should new players be killed against their own will isn’t it unfair. Why can’t infamy be based on members. Even if all those things don’t change at least make a system where you may only attack somebody who is not 10 levels lower or more. This is unfair to new players and in my opinion, forced PVP is BS.

you have to be level 90 for someone to get infamy from you, as well as needing to be in a guild

Welp looks like people hate me enough to kill me for nothing. I assumed it was for infamy but I guess they hate me

sorry to hear that, people have been doing it even before guilds came out

Do you agree with me?

if you mean pvp being optional, then no

Can you state your reason?

  1. although there may be toxic players, allowing people to simply disable pvp would take away from the experience of the game, as pvp is a core element

  2. it could be exploited

  3. it would annoy many people


What about my second option you cant attack people more than 10 levels lower
How ever for ninety the exception could be 20

Something like this is already being implemented


Bruh… No.

This is a true casual moment :fr:


pvp is optional

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Yep. Just. Log or reset lol

logging do a rogue moment

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Level 1000s: sounds great lemme forward this to someone who gives a fuck

gets fined one billion crowns :ggez:

Besides what’s gonna happen to low rep level 1000s?