Qol/pve doc discussions

Recently i made a suggestion here about my doc with the public balance team discord, but since the suggestions discussion closes after 1 day, i want to make it here so longer time for ppl to tell me what they want to see in the doc!
i will also keep updating the doc when i get more ideas from the balance discord! so make sure to keep checking out, if you want to add your qol suggestion, tell me.
here is the link for suggestion tab!

as for the doc itself, here!


(Qol) Disable fish collisions against ships and players

No idea why its not a thing yet, i guess 300 bobux gamepass is more needed…

(Qol) You should be able to skin fishes at a fishmonger, getting bones , golden scales , etc

We kinda do it rn with all shops, lol

(Qol) You should be able to get jellyfish flesh from jellyfish (the fishable one)

  • one for small
  • Two for normal
  • Three from giant
  • Four from massive
  • five from golden

I love it, as for my heat-based mages file i cant do anything with jelly fish :sob: , but i think 1 for small and normal and golden | 2 from giant | 3 from massive is fine…

(PvE) You can catch Modifier Items from Fishing

  • For Example if i fished in cold ponds i should have a chance of getting frozen modifier items
  • Lower chance to find a Modified Item than the current base from Treasure Hunting to prevent Charts from being useless

Did’nt vetex made it so you can now get drowned from fishing? I think its enough.

(Qol) Put exclamation mark boxes for new fish catches similar to this


“Merchant changes”

Gem vendor showed us that vetex wont make “randomized” trades, so eh…Cool but sadly wont happen

(Qol) Allow for a 5th slot for cooking pot, ONLY for spices, would really be useful for people who cook some food while not wasting a slot for it encourges people to use them more often , etc

With addition of spice-vendor (in caravan there is unfilled cart of spices, so we will have them!) it would be cool.

“Weapon from blacksmith”

Vetex will probably just make it so you can buy old sword, wooden shield and maaybe flintlock.
I doubt that culture-weapons should be purchasable as its like…an “army” weapon.

Propose of them is to set a spawn point, similar to how the story does

Not needed tbh

(Qol) Remove Crafted Jewels from the Backpack, because there is no reason for it to be there + it causes extra lag

(Qol) Add the ability to see affinities by hovering onto the fs/magics (similar to weapons)

(Qol) Add the ability to see how much time left to re-dock , like the image below

Needed badly

(Qol) Allow the ability to imbue with what magic/fs we have similar to how we can imbue weps/fs, to fighting style gear/arcanium gear

Knowing vetex - not happening

(Qol) throwing blood pots on water would lure nearby sharks and other sea monsters to it

Dont you natural attract sharks while bleeding? Or is it AA thingy?

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added this to the doc, what do you guys think


W change

balance team actually looks at community suggestions???
this is crazy

Camp Marker sets your spawn permanently? Even when rejoining?

no they dont

I have my own QOL list for suggestion stuff. Here ya go to yoink from:

Ability to close chat & Player List

‘H’ Imbument menu used to change ammo type in Cannon Fist.

When you select a different type of cannonball on your ship, leaving and re-entering the helm should remember what type of cannonball you last picked.

“Sell all Fish” option at fishmongers that allows you to sell all your fish, even allowing you to exclude certain rarities from being sold. For example, sell all fish except legendaries

Sailor Style users start with full energy upon joining a server.

Immersion option - Any and all player names are replaced by their character names. (For example, Notorious Rival Sala was defeated by their rival, Ace Lamina) (This will let people stream AO and take screenshots without worry of being joined on and or witch hunted.)


Isnt there…A LOT of ammo types, i think it will only bring problem with over-cluttering H-menu

Just fuse ship head-statue and lanterns together, and instead one of them add fish category, but yeah, its needed

Hell yeah!

Thats…oh damn, thats a goos way of adding “streamer mode” and preventing hunting from youtube.

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i dont see any of those get added sadly, because
H imbuement menu will be really annoying for vetex and players, having to click h and find what cannonball to use
Sell all fish option is kinda not hard, though most people let them rot for gold scales or bones
as for sailor style users joining with full seawater doesnt make alot of sense but ig it can happen
immersion option is basically the wom feature, idk if he will add that back

Streamer mode is kinda a necessity. Not for us average players of course, but there is already a story of a streamer who played AO on stream and got witch hunted for being a vtuber. Long story short, they had to remind the mod team that its against Roblox TOS to just let major harassment slide, and could get the game shut down or put under review. It’d be way less headache in the future, if, especially before full release, anyone streaming the game didn’t have to worry about people finding and joining them.

You can’t even hide the player list in game- not like it helps since there are like six places vetex plasters your base roblox username.

I had thought of this potentially being a problem, but hadn’t realized that it already was one… The people who do this sort of thing have to seriously re-check their priorities, do they just like ruining the fun for others?

Yeah, they do. Far as I know almost a whole clan of people got banned over this too. It was legit like 10+ people hunting this one streamer. Luckily when my friends streamed the game there was no issue like that but that’s also cause its very unlikely anyone actually watching for ao streams would stumble across theirs in the like 3 hours they played nimbus.