Question for all mage builds

tell me your first magic and the second you will pick up

:fire: and :snow_magic:

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haha NERDS

warlocks winning :sunglasses:


Warlocks get a second too my brother

warlocks get 1 upon release

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Magma and Ash

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shadow and lighting wanna do a sniper gimmick so i have stupid high power and attack speed

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I’m a paladin but :earth_magic_var1: and :gold_magic_var1:

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Are fire and snow both just cool to you or do you have some sort of build plan? Wouldn’t those two be counter productive after all

magma and explosion (until lost magics then magma/storm for my disaster mage)

Fire and Light

okay well assuming we talking when second magics are upon us, I would probably go:

:water_magic_var2: as my first

but I’m having issues picking my second…

:lightning_magic_var2: and :ice_magic_var1: are both very powerful, but they’re kinda generic and overdone and I wanna be the super unique funny cool gamer guy. (also I already have a lightning file with sand so ice would be the on

:iron_magic_var2: and :snow_magic: are more uncommon, but snow is shit in general and iron doesn’t have much business with water overall besides the small bleed synergy.

so idk :man_shrugging:, we can’t select the same magic twice so, I appear to be in a pickle

Honestly imagine trying to go for synergies ngl

Only my second file will be a full mage.

Second File

Base :water_magic_var3:
First Awakening: :ice_magic_var1:

bruh can you let a man enjoy making helpful synergies oh my god :fr:

No. I am here to make your life miserable.

Mage file :ice_magic_var2: :water_magic_var2: :iron_magic_var2:

he copied my water color :sob:


have fun I guess

You are becoming more and more reasonable ! First gigachad shadow magic post, now this !

wait a second…