Question on Magic Tiers

Interesting thought. I was thinking on how the different types of magic are divided up into the 3 different tiers, and I can see how why they are split up this way from a game makes perspective, but how would you explain the why different magic types became Lost or Ancient for a lore perspective? So the recap the question is, “How would you explain the way magic is divided up from a lore perspective?”

Lost and Ancient magics are just really old magics that can only be obtained through a ritual now. For example, many rarer mutations from Arcane Adventures became very rare due to the extinction of the mutation process and became obtainable this way.

Hex mark*

AO has almost nothing to do with AA

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I thought u still need a ritual for that
bc i remember reading like
“bla bla ritual for hex mark” type shit
or the “do the ritual inside the scroll to get hex mark”

Ritual of drawing a tattoo

close enough

Yeah sorry, the Hex mark is obtained through a ritual though

Reasonable, it does apply to WoM though

lost spells are obtained through a scroll that details the spell and the process of casting it.

lost magics presumably use a similar (but far weaker) system to ancient magics and hex marks. You find the scroll, and it details a ritual that will allow you to imbue the magic onto yourself through some sort of magic tattoo or other marking.

lost magics are lost/forgotten and ancient magics are ancient, there’s really not that much more to it


damn thought Lost magics were found

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there was no such thing as rare mutations in AA, it was an idea that was scrapped


Meaning lost magics aren’t ancient and ancient magics aren’t lost/forgotten?

ancient magics are older and rarer than lost magic, as it says on the trello


no it wouldn’t be, the hex mark is something that would be imbued on yourself after studying the scroll, however the idea of hex marks is scrapped since it was an idea from when wom was still a fairy tail inspired game


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