Races (deepwoken)

what race should i play on
  • Canor
  • Adret

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also what happens when u spend ur autodidact points when max lvl?

adret winning

um I have NO CLUE what they do.

Whichever race has better privileges :nod:

Nothing, it just makes you able to be racist to other races

adret and autodidact is pretty neat get 2 points whenever u lvl but canor race looks nice

it’s still pretty helpful to boost ur stats to a specific point tho

but yeah of course it’ll lose it’s touch once u hit max level cause of course, you’re max level. the same can be said of marauder, maverick and every other boon that doesn’t help u in endgame and sits there

it’s still fine as is if u just keep em, can instantly lvl urself if u save em i got 21 points on my 6th file and have 5 points on my 4th as i’m lvling that up.

plus it helps max out ur stats out quicker that way too when u save up. it’s not the greatest but it still has purpose

if u wanna talk about some useless boons look at gourmont, and survivalist

i’m aware but u just need to get enough xp for 1 investment point and u should lvl up afterwards and repeat which is better than having to do 4-5 points. plus having squeamish is pretty annoying and avoidable when u can just use haemophila and vegetarian or obvious and vegetarian as they’re pretty inconsequential, but obvious can be a bit rough at times

none because deepwoken sucks the money out of their players so bad you have to pay for races

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wack but not surprising if thats the case. at least u just need to have xp again and ur stats are improved to help with it but i don’t think autodidact is useless or near useless, just average

they’re really only for cosmetic and diversity, u can just buy files and not reroll them and play just fine

I know but deepwoken still does some cash-grabby things like that

thats the whole point

why would they make you pay for a race that has no impact on the game unless they just wanted money

it’s pretty minor if u have some lvl of control and dc what u look like, but people buy aesthetics

Alright I kind of understand this but really, it’s not like one race looks so good that you have to pay for it, obviously people like different aesthetics, but they didn’t have to do this. Im not saying there the EA of the roblox community, big games is, but its a bit odd to not just let people play the race they want.

gotta make extra revenue somehow seeing how roblox takes 75% of what u make and the like and it can easily stagnant if people just buy once and very few new players come in every now and then

i get the race part and yeah it would be nice but can’t have a game if there isn’t a way to pay ppl making it

It would have been diverse either way because the races don’t affect gameplay. It just seems a bit much to make people pay for the races they want. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, (I don’t know what the game makes) but I just don’t think its a great thing.

because they usually are legendries and are worth a lot