random/Shotgun add-on ideas (need help with grammar and formatting)

hey, so when suggestions open I want to put my best idea first so do you guys mind helping with my grammar and formatting and the reason why this wouldn’t be a,
+ is why it is a good idea - is why it is a bad idea
I tried to keep things like “you have more magic storage and just flat stats” out
afterwords i would build some and find examples

jokes (little add-ons that don’t take up a slot)

Magic Rock -

you have a magic pet rock sometimes it replaces a cannonball with itself

Larger Hull -

gives another add-on slot (however, uses an addon slot)

Bed Warmer -

you have to spam the wake-up button to wake up like how you do at the start of the game when you were passed out

utility (add-ons that don’t help directly in combat)

Holy/medical Water -

passive: purges insanely from crewmembers.

active: players can use it for a buff (weakens insanely) however has both a cooldown and limited uses on players before it runs out.

higher levels give stronger buffs and more lotal uses

note: the name changes if you are evil(medical) or good(Holy)

sickbay/Triage -

passive: castaways will stay in them making them less likely to be hurt also gives more renown when saved

deck hands and quartermasters will respawn/comeback if killed when out of combat with the recovery time scaling with the level of the deck hands and quartermasters

higher levels give even more renown

active: a small fine can be paid to respawn deck hands and quartermasters faster

higher levels reduces the cost

Shark snacks Shack/shark bait -

active: you’re able to use fish to summon sharks to fight or act as anti-boarding tools

higher tiers of fish the more powerful kinds of sharks will be summoned

Rotten fish can be used however the bait will be tiered down by 2 rotten fish (can’t use uncommon or common only rare or higher) that will call only call bosses not sharks

higher levels raises the total amount of sharks you can have at the same time

Experimental Pot and Still Remedy -

passive: bound players cannot spawn ships nor can they start fights with other players however they do get a 30% HP buffer that only works on other players if the players damage 20% or more of the buffer it is removed and the attacked player is able to retaliate (Captains are the same but with a larger buffer)

every respawn will cause the captain’s max HP to lower (till docked)

but if the enemy that killed the player is defeated some max HP is recovered

active: players in parties can bind to it letting players “recover”(respawn) on the ship

Captains/ship owners can not bind to the add-on

Wood stores -

passive: free repairs by hammer however uses a resource that is gained by breaking trees, buying from shipwright, cargo boxes, or sinking ships

higher levels you can store more of the resource

Power/Combat (add-ons helps directly in combat)

Medical Equipment/Medicine Chest -

passive: slow regen on crewmembers. (not % based)

higher levels = faster regen

active: can be used to stop bleeding from limb loss

treat major injuries temporarily weakening them

and a small buff to the player’s health regen when out of combat

higher levels gives more uses and longer-lasting weakening of injuries

crew quarters -

passive: restricted respawn of crewmembers at a slow-ish rate

The bigger the ship/crew the more respawns the ships get

the higher level the more crew can respawn (% based and rounds up)

notes: math: a sailboat with 4 crew with level 1 quarter would have 25%, extra crew giving it 1 respawn but a bigger ship let’s say a gallon with a level 1 quarter the 18 crew would have 5 respawns as 25% of 18 is 4.5

a level 2 quarter would have 35% extra and so on

Duelists platforms -

active: when the ship is still the captain can open up a large duelist platform/raft

gunpowder stores -

active: toggled on or off using extra gunpowder reduces impact damage (50%) however makes the rounds both faster and causes a ship debuff (flooding)

notes: flooding (doing 70% of the cannonball damage at 2% per sec)

however, can be stopped by staying still

Canteen -

active: deposit food (rotten food can’t be used) for the crew for 25% stronger crew buffs

The canteen will only care about how filling it is buffs will only add a multiplier depending on how strong and long it is

notes: feeding insanely causing food will make them randomly shoot fake ammo say odd things and shoot offbeat

Impersonating kit -

active: change the ships name, faction icon, and flag

being disguised as another faction the factions allies will be friendly and the faction’s enemies will be hostile

overuse of the kit to attack NPCS will cause it to stop working*

has limited use on bosses, it will make it take longer to spot you

after the first shot, the disguise is broken

players can tell if a ship is disguised by the ship itself (if a dark red and black ship comes up to you and you don’t just shoot it because it says it is a navy ship yea that is kind of on you)

Evil players can use this without downsides

Good players can use it but if shot at players won’t be about to fire back or remove disguise without a renown damage

notes: *overuse would make it, turn up on the newspaper causing a renown decrease/bounty increase.

before you ask yes you can use it while transporting cargo but why would you? if you disguise yourself like a bad guy, sure it would stop some factions from attacking you but you would be attacked by the allies/good factions like the navy

QOL(add-ons help in general or creation of items)

Crows nest -

passive: an NPC will spawn and point out nearby areas of interest

water pump -

active: you’re able to fill up bottles with seawater on the ship while moving (useful with sailor fighting style)

Strongbox -

active: players can store money on ships

passive: if and ONLY the ship is sunk by other players

1%-15% will be dropped as a “lockbox” that can be recovered by players at a shipwright

notes: removing a lockbox with money inside will transport all of the money to the player

Fireworks/flares -

active: fire high-powered flares that light up the area around you

notes: there are also magic flares EX: water that causes rain to start

Assay Gear -

active: you can draw on the map when you are on the ship valuable with charts

Letterbox/bird box -

active: you can make pre-made letters and send them cross-sea to friends on different servers

and also mail letters to offline friends so that when they join the game they have letters in their inbox

Board Game kit -

active: little minigames for the dark sea with friends so you can chill out while waiting

garden -

passive: grows small amounts of plants

Rowboat stores -

active: lets the captain spawn a rowboat when their ship is still and facing the sea great for moving 16 chests from your ship to the ship right

Dream catcher -

active: moves you to a dream that lets you test damage and make new builds ( training dummy)

pastry oven -

active: lets you make cakes and other pastries with items, this differs as food cooked this way will take time to cook, unlike grilling.

Salt Rack -

passive: when sail makes a small amount of sea salt

not sure how to fix this one : it just a stat change it doesn’t add anything new :confused:
Cleaning tools - the crew will clean the deck giving a small buff to reloading speed However crew will take a small amount of time to get to weapon stations

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oh… well whatevr i posted this in writing so people can help me with formatting and grammar
because there must be things i missed

#writing is mostly for things such as writing stories, for feedback on general game ideas you can probably put them in #game-discussion to discuss until you’re ready to submit them to #suggestions .

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