Randomness's Worldbuilding Shenanigans

Oh i really neglect this topic still anyway so I read through Rift again last night , it’s not actually as bad as I remember it to be. Won’t be writing any more for it for a while I just wanted to look back at some characters and remember whether I gave Commander Zion a full name.

Nope Zion does not have a full name nice


Woah politics on a lego game forum!!
A lot of names were autogenerated by Azgaars, I keep the ones I like and forget to change the ones I don’t. I mostly like all the country names but the states themselves are a bit iffy sometimes.

Anyway, a quick summary of politics for my world

  • Very few people are strong enough to form a long lasting singular nation
  • This leads to many countries instead being a group of smaller states rather than a whole
  • We can label four categories onto all nations
  1. Meganations - Huge, powerful nations with self sufficiency in most part. Includes,
    The Impexis Regnum (IM-pex-iss-reg-NUM)
    The Republic of Daybreak
    (Formerly) The Stamstani Republic
    The Principality of Saltlia
    Shogunate of Nishifubetu and the Koro Republic (knee - she - foo - bet - ooh)
    Thvetherinese (Thve-the-inknees [Imagine feather the knees]) Divine Empire (Technically* There are two opposing sides within the state, Xiquan and Lefran. It can be argued due to the political separateness of these two sides and the five Districts (Notably Tseun and Heung) , that this would fit into a different category)

  2. Groups of states, tribes, or the like. Includes,
    Athraristoseian Conglomerate (Literally, the combined states of the Athraristoseian Waters.) The autogenerated names by Azgaars are quite funny for this one, I personally like the Conglomerated Psychrolis State. (Afra -risotto - ian)
    Kingdom of Laku
    Uilikia Tribes

  3. Smaller nations which survive, I guess
    Teliodesian Desposate (Alright I saw the word Desposate and was interested, is that alright with you)

  4. Ones which don’t fit in, and the reasons why.
    Kaninahia Council - Literally just some separatists
    Dawnbandian Federation - Technically two independent countries, joined together to make the equivalent of a Meganation
    Rirossian Commonwealth of the Sky - Powerful enough to be a Meganation, but made up of three dependencies which after hundreds of years of political talk, have yet to be formed into one
    Draco Rathralaxor - A bunch of tribes with dragon people in. Have a joint capital state but run their own affairs.
    Lost Kingdom of Draco Royal - Lost kingdom, shh don’t tell anyone.
    Grand Court Lands - Just a really powerful group of peacekeepers with a prosperous state of theirs.

Okay hopefully that’s all
Please ask me questions about the world or it’s people, I come up with ideas so much better when prompted. I’ll try and answer anything.