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So I do some worldbuilding and I just thought that possibly I could share some of the things I’ve made and extracts from what I’ve written. I’ve recently been speaking with both @DubiousLittleTyp0 and @Cryonical in #trusted-lads chat about my world and I’d like some feedback from other people.

The beginning

After many arduous hours of research and theorising by scientists, the base concept for the universe was thought of. This concept is known as Universal Theory and it composes of three parts

  • Space
  • Time
  • Hierarchy

Space is the concept of movement, energy and matter within the three dimensions, from here to there and there to here.

TIme Is the concept of the flow between positions that have existed and the positions that will exist, from then to now and now to then.

Hierarchy Is the most complicated and can be split up into three more sub-concepts

  • There are two types of energy, Primary and Secondary Rift energy
  • Energy can sometimes form a self-aware state called “consciousness” which can reside in physical, theoretical, temporal or energetic bodies, although most if not all known beings either exist as physical, or energetic, sometimes with the ability to switch both themselves and others between these types of bodies.
  • These consciousnesses will form a hierarchy from strongest to weakest, that being:
    Functions (Think of these as basic laws of physics but with consciousness, almost always take a mostly energetic body, rarely form physically, made from Primary Rift Energy. Very rarely grant power to mortals. Examples include Death, Randomness, Heat, Motion and Gravity)
    Deities (Specific gods for certain subjects, usually form half physical, half energetic bodies. Made of small amounts of Primary Rift Energy. Commonly known to grant very small amounts of temporary power to Mortals. Examples include the God of Royalty [Auctoritas], the God of Law [Lex Staterae] and the God of Murder [Interfectorem Sanguinis])
    Divinities (Gods rarely formed by an influx of Secondary Rift Energy, much weaker than other Gods, take a mostly physical form. There are so few examples of Divinities, not much information is known about them)
    Mortals (Physical beings made by Gods, contain tiny amounts of Secondary Rift Energy compared to Gods. All powers they own are granted by Gods via blessings or other exceptions.

So what happened to the Energy?

So what we know so far is that the universe didn’t exist, and all of a sudden, it exists, and there is alot of energy. Naturally this Primary and Secondary Rift Energy joins up to form what can be called the Ultrarift
The Ultrarift is basically all the energy that will ever exist in the universe stuck together.

Eventually, the Ultrarift starts losing large amounts of Primary Rift Energy.

The Primary Rift Energy separates from the Ultrarift into different conscious energetic bodies called Functions. All that is known about this process is that somewhere between 15 and 200 Functions may have been created, all of them representing some fundamental law of physics.

When there was no longer enough Primary Rift Energy in the Ultrarift to create more Functions, a sudden outburst of the energy created all of the Deities, although the exact number of Deities is unknown. With all the Primary Rift Energy now as conscious Gods, the Secondary Rift Energy starts to condense. An important thing to note is that there is an almost infinite amount of this energy, compared to the comparatively limited Primary Energy.

The Secondary Energy condenses into five groups.
Rift Alpha which contains the vast majority of Secondary Energy
Rift Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon which contain similar amounts of energy each, but not nearly as much as Rift Alpha.
The rest of the Secondary Energy dissipated across the universe, acting as the “energy” that one might learn about in physics class.

Very rarely energy can separate from one of the five Rifts and form a new consciousness, creating a weaker form of a Deity, called a Divinity.

So where do Mortals come in?

As I’ve said before, Energy can be formed into consciousnesses. Mortals are basically just God-made physical bodies with a consciousness made out of a small amount of random secondary Rift energy.

After many years, some planets were formed by Deities. The most important of these planets is the Host Planet, which formed around the Five Rifts. There are some mortal species on other planets, but due to the large amount of energy at the Host Planet, it was most convenient for the creation of Mortal species.
At the time of our main characters, most Deities and Functions are either dormant or dead, few still interact with Mortals, but those who do occasionally grant them abilities (We’ll get onto that later)

Residing the Host Planet currently are 7 species of mortals, many other species may have lived and died in the billions of years between when the Gods were formed.

  • Argentea lingua (Humans), bipedal beings known for their Rizz charisma.
  • Draco scalae, distant ancestors to the ancient Dragon, a now extinct Mortal species known for collecting treasure and their intelligence. Bipedal, with hard scales and horns.
  • Frigus cutis, pale, bipedal beings whose main adaption is being almost immune to harsh temperatures, hence their homes in the harsh tundras of the Host Planet. Bipedal, commonly confused with humans.
  • Alatus vivus, tall, winged, bipedal beings who mainly reside in grasslands - some of which are rumored to have floating islands filled with hidden cities. Known for their respect of order and control.
  • Lux luscus, bipedal beings known for being devoted, once again commonly confused with humans in daylight, but in the dark, their skin can be seen shimmering.
  • Cinis arbor, bipedal beings mostly identified by their constantly burning bodies. They produce large amounts of heat, but some Cinis arbor have been reported to even produce a suffocating ash. Violent.
  • Alga chaos, octopedal beings who some mistake to be sea monsters. They are the rarest of the Mortal species, usually living in isolation. Their bodies are made of a material easily mistaken to be a plant.

Each of these seven species reside in different areas as different cultures, but many call upon the God’s assistance.
Ways in which God’s grant power to Mortals.

  • Blessings, when asked for a blessing many Deities will accept and give the requester a small amount of temporary power usually related to their subjects. However, at the time of Akos Frost’s birth, no mortal has ever asked for a blessing from a Function and lived.
  • Eternal Blessings, very rarely, a God will give an increased amount of power to a Mortal until their death, usualy these just act as more powerful blessings.
  • Demigods, if a Mortal is fused with a physical part of a God, they will gain immortality from age and disease, along with the ability to manipulate a fraction of a God’s power in exchange for their physical bodies being partially controled by the God. Most Mortals do not become Demigods of their own free will.
  • Other grantings of power, once or twice in history, a God has given a special type of power to a group of people, most notably Auctoritas granting all the Royal Families Magic.

The Function of Death.

The most powerful of all Functions is Death.
Death was the first consciousness created and although many Mortals may see Death as evil, it acts many times beyond concepts of good and evil that Mortals have created.
There are two things you need to know about both consciousnesses and Death.

  • Consciousnesses don’t die, but the bodies that the Mortals inhabit will eventually stop working unless that Mortal has been raised to a Demigod.
  • Once the bodies of Mortals stop working, Death will take their soul to rest dormant in the Rifts for eternity.

It is a common belief that the Rift you rest in is based on your actions in life.

  • Rift Beta is for those who strived to better the world
  • Rift Gamma is for those who Death views as neutral
  • Rift Delta is for those who were immoral
  • Rift Epsilon is where the souls of the evil are eternally tortured. (Fun fact this is the equivalent to Hell in this world, “What the Epsilon Typ0? I didn’t want to see that stupid banana again”)
  • Rift Alpha is where the souls of Gods and Mortals raised to Demigods rest.

But surprisingly we run into a plot hole. Didn’t I just claim that any Mortal raised to a Demigod didn’t get taken to the Rifts?
Introducing: Murder and unfortunate accidents.

Sometimes, things go wrong. It is possible to kill both God’s and Demigod’s, by rendering their bodies whether physical or energetic, useless.
If this happens Death will take their souls to Rift Alpha.
Their remaining energy will be reformed into a new Function, Deity or Divinity, or in the case of a Demigod, be fused back into the God they were raised by.

Three notes

  • Demigods die if the God they are physically fused with dies.
  • No Functions have been recorded to die, but in the case Gravity suddenly stops, assume that this has changed.
  • Death cannot die, as pointed out by Cryonical in Trusted Lads.


As seen before, our main planet is called the Host Planet, where mortals live on a single continent called Primarium Terram.
Basic map:

Cultural map:

Biome map:

Height map:

Here are the primary regions of the continent, along with any Rift caused phenomena found there and some fun facts.
Akos’s homeland, location of the Impexis Regnum.
Phenomena: Colder than Cryonical, the slightly irradiated part

Argentum Forests and Saltlia Highlands
Only interesting place is Heung in the top right corner, the rest of it is mostly human settlements.
Phenomena: Nothing

Rift Mountains and Saapataussuk Desert
Funny little dry place
Phenomena: The rift caverns, caves of unthinkable amounts of energy rumoured to go down into the very centre of the Host Planet, most people going in there go insane before the 2-kilometer mark.

Rolympodos Skylands
Corner of the funny names.
Phenomena: Floating islands, good thing that the flying people settled there. (Ignore the fact that Laku is inhabited by Alga chaos tribes)

Seaswarm Island
Phenomena: Nothing

Insula Sterilis
The coldest place on the planet
Phenomena: A group of very resilient beavers
Nishinos Tropics
Hot guys wait no not like that
Phenomena: Very hot, don’t breath in the suffocating ash.

Draco South and Draco North
@Shellseawing s assemble
Phenomena: Some crazy swamps I guess, and a lost kingdom in a jungle

Thera… there… Theresneedle island?
Obsessive crusades
Phenomena: Surprisingly not cold, good place for astronomy.


Politics be like

Impexis Regnum
Full name: The Impexis Regnum.
The Fifth(?) strongest country in the world. Lead by King Ledus Frost, it was ravaged by the Great Stamstani War and left for dead. The Late Aaron Frost saved the country using the God Weapon against Stamstani, destroying it completely.
Akos Frost’s homeland.
Provinces from left to right
Frigus Ocean, Frigus Centre, Frigus Barren, The Destroyed Stamstani Province.

Full name: Republic of Daybreak.
The strongest country in the world, home to a lot of humans.
Provinces in the expected positions. East Daybreak, North Daybreak, South Daybreak, West Daybreak. (Seen in pink)

Full name: Principality of Saltlia
Blue place. Humans.
No provinces yet.

Full name: Dawnbandian Federation
Brown. No provinces yet.

Draco Rathralaxor
Full name: United Tribes of Draco Rathralaxor.
Dragon islands. Provinces from most north to least north.
Draco Ocean, Draco Thunder, Draco Earth, Draco Neutral, Draco Air and Draco Flame.

Draco Royal
Full name: The Lost Kingdom of Draco Royal.
A kingdom lost to time, hidden in the jungles of Draco South. Lead by the Draco Royal Bloodline, believed to have been all killed off many hundreds of years ago by Republican Rebellionists. No provinces.

(I’ll write more about this in a bit, for now, take a totally out-of-context extract I’ve written, completely unrelated to the whole God thing for now)

Meet Akos Frost, the guy who hates responsibility (Feedback appreciated as I'm quite new to the writing thing)

The golden light shone through the large glass panels that tiled the ceilings high above, lighting up the room in the early morning. This part of the palace had been relatively undamaged, and you needed to look carefully to know of the atrocities commited on the lands on which he stood. Only a few months back the Prince would have been taking each step with fear in his eyes, guards at his side and the constant knowledge of death. It had been less than two years since the war was at the threshold of what he always thought was a safe haven, and the damage to even the most elegantly built structures in the city was apparent.
Akos Frost shivered, clearly the palace’s heating systems had yet to be repaired, and the clear harshness of the Frostlands broke through his eloquent robes. His pale skin shimmered like the moon, reflecting the golden glow of dawn in a dull pallor. He had a pair of pale blue eyes, both piercing and exhausted, one of them partially hidden by a mess of pure white hair, clearly brushed in some attempt to make it look presentable. Crowning this hair was a silver crown, adorned with gemstones, one of many relics that survived the war deep in the treasury of the palace.

He glanced over at the broad and tall figure standing near. They looked nearly identical to the Prince, other than being taller, broader and with pale green eyes instead of the Prince’s blue ones. On his head was a crown of gold, acting as a beacon for the desperate people of the Frigus cutis to rally under. Ledus Frost, King of the Impexis Regnum and Heir of Ice, second manipulator of the God Weapon, sigil of Auctoritas - a proud man with the single goal of protecting his family.
He had the same exhausted look as Akos but seemed to be concentrating on a list in his hand, speaking to an audience of soldiers and nobles. Akos heard some vague murmurs, “General Damascus, Second Division of the Royal Guard, assigned to Akos Frost after the passing of Aaron Frost.”
Akos tried to stifle a yawn.
“Awarded the medal of Frigus for bravery during the war”
A proudly awarded soldier stood up from the crowd and walked forward, kneeling before the King to receive his medal.
Akos hated this reminder of the war, it had only ended a month ago yet his father was already repairing the country and awarding the soldiers. He wished that he didn’t have to attend events such as this, but as the Prince of the Impexis Regnum, he was expected to watch over the awarding of war medals.

Here’s another extract, I’ll post all three chapters I’ve written on Thursday in the #writing category for some more feedback.

The God Weapon, Akos' Insanity. (Once again, feedback appreciated)

Akos glanced down the stone stairway. The carved blocks were ice cold, the walls damp and crumbling in places. This was the place that his father wanted to meet, but why the King chose to conference on the damaged side of the Palace, Akos didn’t know.

Stepping down the stairs into the darkness, the Prince had to trust his own balance not to slip and fall. Eventually, after what seemed like hours of walking downwards in the pitch black, a glow of light appeared ahead. He entered a hall he didn’t even realise existed. The walls and ceiling were bare stone, and the floor was of an unknown material, hard and cold. Positioned around the chamber were bookshelves and tables, laden with paper. On metal poles driven into the ground were lanterns, giving off a gentle heat and light. The only other person in the hall was King Ledus Frost of the Impexis Regnum, Akos’ father.

Before the Prince could say a word, the authority of the King rang out. “Good. You are here, follow me.”
Akos hurried to keep up with the King as he stepped towards a nearby wall and pushed it gently, revealing a passageway behind the rock. The King entered the passageway and the Prince followed like a loyal subject.

A second chamber soon came to light, this one being mostly empty. Akos glanced around, his face shied away from the scene. The floors and walls were of a similar stone, but they were covered with charred marks and even dry blood.

On a pedestal in the centre of the chamber was a thing.

No, a Weapon.

On the pedestal was a Weapon, the type used for killing in a war. It seemed to glow with fear, with anger. It seemed to eliminate every drop of light and hope in the room.

The blunt, broken, useless edge sighed, sharp and dangerous.
Sharp. Dangerous. Cutting.

Akos felt a pain in his back, digging into his spine, cutting his ribs. Nothing.

His blood boiled and ran down his arm, dripping to the floor.




He was being an idiot, that was just water running down the wall.

Dying slowly…

He gasped for a single breath of air.

Ledus Frost looked at the Weapon.

He picked up the broken sword and sighed…

Picked up the broken halberd and sighed…

Picked up the broken shield, sighed…

Picked up the broken musket…

The broken cutlass…

Broken crossbow…

He picked up the crimson-red dagger, as a drop of blood ran down the small crack in the blade.

It shattered, shrapnel embedding within Akos’s flesh, alive, digging, moving.

He blinked and stood in the cold room with Ledus Frost carefully handling the Weapon.

“This here is what ended the Stamstani War. It was recovered by a group of soldiers exploring the edge of the Province.
For hours upon end, my Father, King Aaron Frost and his scientists researched in this very chamber, they designed one weapon that could end all wars.

This here is the God Weapon. King Aaron Frost used the powers of the Deity of Royalty, Auctoritas, along with this weapon, to sacrifice himself, releasing an overwhelming amount of energy.” Ledus sighed and looked at the Weapon.

“Stamstani was vaporised, flattened, gone. Anyone within the province at that time died, and the weapon was damaged to the point that it couldn’t be used again. Nobody knows how to create a second one as all the evidence relating to this… horrible, horrible device, was destroyed, and all scientists who worked on it dead.”

Akos stayed silent, averting his eyes from the Weapon.

“It takes the form of whatever you feel is most dangerous”

As Ledus said this, Akos flinched, remembering the weapons worn by war that flashed in front of his eyes. The Prince took a deep breath before asking.

“So, what form does it take for you?”

Ledus hesitated, but his answer was short.



Added some info on Energy and where it can be found.

Relatable akos, I’m also kinda scared of blood so it makes sense not to be a fan of wars

Also, really neat world idea. Does akos and the other people live on an earth-like planet?

Yeah sort of, Akos lives on a planet called the “Host Planet” which is where the Rifts are located, but because of the infinite energy somewhere within the planet, all the biomes and the one singular continent have just been really messed up in terms of location, It will make more sense once I write a bit more about it.


Added information on mortals

Added information on Death.

Added the different regions. and beavers

Added some countries that exist, will add more

so like (very important question)

I wouldn’t get abducted by aliens in this universe right?

and if I was

how do I get the most OP weapon to defend myself

Aliens do technically exist as there are mortals on other planets, but technology hasn’t advanced anywhere near enough for them to come and abduct you.

The most powerful weapon is easily the God Weapon which I’ll explain in detail later, but the only God Weapon is broken, and everyone who knew anything about making it mutually agreed to destroy all evidence and commit suicide so nothing like it could be made again.

But little did they know, one of them lived!

That sure would be unfortunate

I’ve been writing a bit more but haven’t had time to update this topic, so enjoy another extract.

I’ll post more in #writing on Thursday if anyone is interested in reading more of my silly little world.

Ex voluntate familiarum nostrarum, populi nostri et Sicarius Domini

Necrobump time!

Daily fact #1

Somewhere lives a famous poet, shrouded in mystery. They are only known as
“Bead P’ouette” by their fans.
Between you and me though, Bead is actually one of the three Divinities that I’ve currently designed - and their one and only ability? Knowing that their world is fake and that its all a lie. Many of their poems have slight fourth wall breaks In them, others are totally normal, but here is one of them, a famous war poem used as a call for peace during the Stamstani war, Cut Strings:

“The crack of a rifle, the burst of death,
Falling onto cut strings
With the walls of death crying
Out for mercy,
Living my life so slow,
Watching cut strings
Waiting for my losses,

For it was the rule of that nation,
For all our pain and turmoil,
When it started anew
On to cut strings.”

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